Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Greenhouse Benches

I have two benches in my greenhouse. In the summer, they keep several small planters full of basil and other herbs up off the concrete floor. In the winter, they store garden stuff. I built them in 1990. I still use them - they'll last another 21 years. But I need two shorter, narrower ones for a variety of things.

So I went down to Lowe's and bought a bunch of 2x4's. I hadn't used my Ryobi BT3000 table saw for a real project in a while, so I had to clean it and rebuild the rip fence assembly. I ripped six of the 2x4's into 2x2's and screwed it all together. Now one is stained, ready to be sanded before a second coat.

Sitting on the bare second bench is my trusty Milwaukee drill motor. I bought it second hand in 1975, have rebuilt it twice, and it still runs very well.

Next project - a new float for the lake.

The woodstove in the left background is a stripped down 1956 Charmaster.

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