Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Wasilla Greenhouse on the Last Morning of April

More sun and warmth this past week would have helped spur things along, but the greenhouse is sheltering 356 containers full of growing, living plants:
nine kinds of lettuce
seven kinds of beets
four kinds of basil
four kinds of tomatoes (second and fourth generation home-grown seeds)
three kinds of zucchini
three kinds of broccoli
two kinds of cabbage
Japanese cucumbers
daikon radish
cilantro (14th generation home-grown seeds)
arugula (seventh generation home-grown seeds; we're already eating it)


WaveLength said...

I am green with endive!

keijoon said...

Do you photos of your vegetable garden online? Would like to view. I live in Juneau and we're growing edible stuff for the first time this year.

Anonymous said...


alaskapi said...

so - what kinds of zucchini are you growing?
I'm trying a new one here that I have hopes for in our cooler-than-you-have summers.
I have 5 kinds of peas and 4 types of lettuce and a spinach going.
Miniature pac choi, broccoli raab, and lovely chard and kales...
I love this time of year!!

sallyngarland.tx said...

I always enjoy seeing your gardening photos.

Philip Munger said...


I usually just post them here, but I created a flickr account last winter, and am considering putting the 2011 pics up there when I get more time.


early crookneck, black beauty, and striped Z.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love getting updates on your garden...keeps me going when it is slow going here :-))
Our little corner of planting is coming together. Some lettuce and greens planted. Now peas, onions, carrots, spinach join those in beds. Today got the 'seedbed' put in for doing starts.
Thanks for sharing the zuke varieties, always nice to hear at least a starting point for growing it in AK.