Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Just Makes Me Sick

A compilation from more than one source:

Several reporters for foreign outlets, including the Washington Post and Al Jazeera, were strip searched by Israeli security and made to stand around in their underwear before being let into a private gathering with Netanyahu, with cocktails, ahead of a speech he was giving Tuesday night. One was pregnant, and security demanded that she remove all her clothing. Says the Foreign Press Association: "While we appreciate the need for security, it is not remotely acceptable to invite people for cocktails at a five-star hotel and then make them undress at the door. Several members were forced to remove their underwear, waiting for as long as 20 minutes in this humiliating situation while security checked their documents."

The Foreign Press Association just might be pissed about this unnecessary indignity.


Anonymous said...

Until the world, especially the US, quits sucking up to Israel this will continue to happen. The time has long since past that we have to treat them with kid gloves because of what happened to them during WWII. In some respects they are just as brutal now as Germany was back then. I understand there are some who may disagree with me and I respect their right to have a different opinion.

womanwithsardinecan said...

Sounds like the press needs to boycott Isreal. They get away with far too much assholery. Perhaps the next dignitary visiting us from Israel can be directed through a nice TSA grope line. A strip for a strip.

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Makabit Bat Guriel said...

I really don't take comments from annonymous people to be worth much. I also believe a lot of the comments on here about Israel come not only from left wingers but white supremacists. Pretty much the same mentality. Isn't that so Phil? You and Carl Loerbs have done a little communicating in the past.