Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 28: Max Blumenthal on Palin's 'Blood Libel' Comment

Gryph asked me yesterday why I had not yet addressed this issue. I told him that I was waiting for somebody of Max Blumenthal's caliber to weigh in instead. Max has now done that - at his blog and elsewhere.

Interesting that the segment starts out qualifying Max as somebody who has visited Palin's own church. When he did that, he prepped for it at our house in Wasilla.

I suspect that if Max can schedule it, he will be covering Palin's Reno hunters' convention appearance.


Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Blumenidiot is about as upset over using the term "blood libel" as I am his being eaten by rabid chimps.
Hell, the blonde and him couldn't even agree on when it was first used. Now that was fun to listen to!
And is Philly upset over not being mentioned in the story? Him's not happy because he prepped the little pimple before Blumenidiot went to church? aaaahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the Reno hunter's convention?

Anonymous said...

Palin's blood libel comment: "hoist on one's own pitard" quickly comes to mind.

Chronic victimhood is getting very old particularly in view of some real victims of this shooting.

Her silly little egomaniacal speech on the same day as the funeral ceremony only served to, once again, highlight for all to see the incredible contrast between Palin & Obama which she so totally 'set up'.

Never before was the contrast between dignity and ignorance so clearly evident.

All but the rabid Teabaggers has the class to recognize this obvious fact now.

Anonymous said...

The lack of ability for true 'insight' is becoming patently clear.

Delusional egomania is what we all can see so clearly with Sarah.

That said, I do hope she is deluded enough to make a run for public office so Obama's re-election will be assured.

Anonymous said...

Many across the media are giving Palin a pass for the crosshairs map. I guess if someone else puts one up, then they'll give it a pass as well.??

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's Alaska moosehunting episode was broadly advertised during the Thanksgiving break and aired on 12/5; in that, she puts cross-hair on her prey, shoots repeatedly saying "Dont Retreat; Reload!" giving clear shooting related meaning to cross-hair and her words - she knew the series would be aired AFTER the election completed.

When did Loughner buy the gun & ammunition? 11/30. He was suspended from school on 9/29 and appeared in court regarding his youtube of Pima Community College on 10/15 which probably was purged from his website. He may have been angry between 10/15 and 11/30 -- but he did not buy his gun until 11/30 (a Tuesday following Thanksgiving weekend in which SP's moosehunting episode was being promoted).

How "coincidental" is that!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's Alaska- Skeet Shooting
This was airing 11/17 onward. It ends in "Dont Retreat; Reload"

TLC does not seem to have the trailer of moosehunting epiode on their channel anymore. If you find it, please post with date of the advertisement clip.

Anonymous said...

Here is the trailer dated 12/2.

probably aired at the end of previous episode on 11/28. I didnt watch.

Anonymous said...

After the gun show I hear that she's doing a Star Trek convention in Vegas and a Mary Kay show in Palm Springs.

I also hear that Larry the Cable Guy is going to be at the Safari Club convention in Reno.

Later, after a so-so time at the slots, Sarah made her way back to the Merle Haggard Suite at the Reno Circus-Circus. The elevator doors were just closing when she hear a voice "Whoa!," and a hairy, large arm reached in. "Mind if I ride along, miss?"
She tried to stifle her gasp, peeing herself just a bit. "Why Larry... of course."
The next morning she propped herself up on one elbow while Larry finished a warm Budweiser he'd left on the coffee table. "You gonna call me?" she cooed.
"Yeah, probably," mumbled Larry. He looked her over in the morning light, then quickly left the room.
January, 2012. Wasilla Observer reports the birth of Mopar Palin.