Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 22: Bob Shrum vs. Pat Buchanan

As one wag commented at Talking Points Memo DC this morning, "Pat Buchanan lost a relative in the Holocaust - when he fell out of the guard tower."


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah, You proposed a "better idea" - you know? The one with CROSS-HAIRS on Rep.Gabrielle Giffords' congressional district. The Congressional District Manager is now dead, and the Congressional District's Representative lay with a bullet in brain.

Leaders have a responsibility to promote positive imagery and positive messages.

Hopey changey that has not yet worked is far preferable to "let's put cross-hair" on anyone who may not vote for my favorite pet agenda.

Palin's kind of BLOODY IMAGERY is NOT what I want to bring home to my dinner table television every day. Thankfully she showed EXACTLY who you are. It took her a cross-hair filled map and "Dont Retreat; RELOAD" messages that she tweeted on 3/24/10, retweeted in 9/23/10 including hosting on a website (until about 4pm on 1/8/10, show crowed about victoriously on 11/4/10. Then, her "Sarah Palin's Alaska" Episode aired on 12/5/10 with a cross-hair on a target and repeated 5 shots and slaying of her target with "Dont Retreat; RELOAD".

She is unkind, hatefilled, and full of her own BLOODY self. She is everything that I have taught my kid NOT to be.

I dont want my child to see Sarah Palin as any kind of role model, EVER!

Anonymous said...

That insufferable buffon Pat Pukekannon lies like a rug. He bought the gun on Nov 30 AFTER the election.
In 2007 he was arrested for drugs and he did attend a congress on the corner but that doesn't mean he was stalking her. Sen Boxer was on "The last word" last night and talked about "Background noise" of the mentally ill.
Watching this video it also includes Pat Pukkanon! He is in denial!