Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More on Palin's Upcoming Visit to Israel

Back in early December, Shushannah Walsh, writing for the Daily Beast, noted:

On Thursday, The Daily Beast learned that the former Alaska governor is going abroad in the new year. At the top of her itinerary: Israel and Britain, countries she has previously said she wants to visit. Before that, she might make a quick stop to Haiti with Rev. Franklin Graham and his relief organization, Samaritan's Purse, to visit relief sites and a cholera clinic.

Next year's schedule and itinerary is still being finalized, but an overseas trip could burnish her overseas credentials in preparation for a possible 2012 presidential run.

It used to be that political itineraries needed to include the three Is—Italy, Ireland, and Israel—and of the three, Israel is still a must-go destination.
Palin did go to Haiti with Graham, sort of a one-day, somewhat cynical photo op for her. Today, some Rupert Murdoch-controlled media outlets and NewsMax are providing a bit more detail on Palin's projected visit to "The Holy Land." Here's NY Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams:
Sarah-the-will-she-go-won't-she-go-for-Obama's-job-Palin is in travel mode. We're not talking Washington. For now it's fie on a bus trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She's planning to go farther. Miss Sarah can't see Israel from her house so, even if she lacks mileage, she's organizing a see-all, hear-all, know-all, meet-all, learn-all, tell-all first plane ride to the Holy Land. This lady knows on which side her votes are buttered.

The journey, transportation, accommodations, schedule, appointments to see VIPs, the faithful who accompany her, are being arranged as we speak. Target date's springtime.

Not one to blow headlines, it will be before that April hoo-ha when Princess Catherine Kate marries King-in-waiting Prince Wills.
A "a see-all, hear-all, know-all, meet-all, learn-all, tell-all" trip to the "Holy Land?"

Will she visit the Knesset? Probably.

Will she visit disputed parts of East Jerusalem? Most likely.

Will she go to Sderot, the target of so many Qassam rockets launched from Gaza over the years? They all go there, so she will too.

Will she go to any of the illegal Israeli settler communities on the West Bank, outside of Jerusalem? It is more likely that she will go to one or more of these towns than it would be for most American politicians to do so. After all:

Will she meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Probably. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman? Less likely, but probable.

Will she meet any Israeli Palestinian Christians or Palestinian Christians from Gaza, Jerusalem or the West Bank? Most likely, not. More likely, she will meet with one or more of the U.S.- or U.K.-based Christian organizations that partner with the Israeli government in one way or another.

Palin may not be very curious about the rest of the world, but some outside the U.S. find her fascinating:


Anonymous said...

Those poor, poor people.

Anonymous said...

She'll go to Tel Aviv and Haifa.
Franklin Graham will take her to one of these pre-staged photo op destinations:
"Samaritan's Purse is helping supply food and other emergency aid to residents in three of the hardest-hit cities: Kiryat Shmona in the northeast, Nahariya on the Mediterranean coast, and Carmiel in central Galilee."

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Springtime. After Mar 21 but before the royal wedding April 29? Apparently she has to wait until after Bristol pops the new kid.

Anonymous said...

The people of Isreal are more attuned to BS than the American public. They've been beat up, lied to, and oppressed throughout history. I think she'll get a pretty frosty reception from those folks.

Anonymous said...

omg, that last video had LAUGHING tears running down my face.
Thanks for that one phil, i needed that.

Anonymous said...

9:31-After Mar 21 but before the royal wedding April 29?"

ive figured they would have BPs new baby in israel and trade this baby for one of those babies.
its how the paylins swap trade roll.

Anonymous said...

if paylins raise a knesset baby
they think they have a hook-in.

Anonymous said...

for paylins it is not about politics; it is about the raptcha.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

AKjah said...

But but,I thought the U.S. was friends with Israel.

AKjah said...


Weapon of mass deception.

Anonymous said...

Palin's brief visit to Haiti was kind of deja vu of her visit to rural Alaska where she was responding to the village fuel crisis. At least this time she didn't take cookies.