Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Few 2010 Photos

From January to December:

Ice sculptures in the town square north of Anchorage's PAC:

Mariano Gonzales' installation before opening night at Out North:

Ice on Neklason Lake:

Starter plants in the greenhouse:

Tea Party supporters outside the Anchorage Federal Building, on tax day:

David Roviks in Seward:

Ruth Sheridan and my mom at the Bartlett club with friends:

Mooch wanting to sit on the laptop:

Strider watching me tow the raft back after a raft engine failure:

A midsummer sunset on lower Neklason Lake:

Ultraviolet colors in a late June garden:

Julia and Judy ready for a wedding:

Two magnificent Alaska civil rights pioneers: Diane Benson and Katie Hurley:

Kelly and Judy, ready to catch some Kenai Sockai:

Mountains at the summit of Washington's North Cascade Highway:

An Amanita by Cottonwood Creek:

Joe Miller (umbrella man) yelling at me at the state fair:

Vince Beltrami, Shannyn Moore and Richard Trumka at AFL-CIO Anchorage labor rally:

Rich and Vince leading the way, proudly singing a labor anthem:

Paraglider at Hatcher Pass:

Cucumber, tomato and daikon, about to be attacked:

Looking up the Matanuska River from the Fishhook overview:

Fall colors in the yard:

Dan Heynen, singing his Tea Party song at an Ethan Berkowitz fundraiser in Palmer:

Making spaghetti sauce:

Two cords of firewood, freshly stacked:

Fresh snow on the walkway:

A late November sunset:

Miller time:


Anonymous said...

Nice shots, Phil. I hope you and Judy have a wonderful 2011.


Bill said...

Here's hoping you get some Cordova/PWS shots in next year's review!

AKjah said...

Thanks Phil Love the lake ice shot. I have the youth of Cordova in my house right now and Convincing to vote is a very hard sell. There is a big disconnect over there. Kind of a lost generation thing going on.

AKjah said...

Seems to me another day in the "flight of the Marie Helena"