Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joe the Teabagger - Still Begging for your $$$$$

Got this in the email this afternoon from Joe. You'd think he would have gone out and gotten an honest job as a clerk at Drop Zone by now, eh?


Anonymous said...

Once a Teabagging whore, always a Teabagging whore.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Teabagger Joe is running for the House of Representatives.

Gregg in Milwaukee

Anonymous said...

Honest Job?

Can Sovereigns work for anything other than gold or silver?

Isn't that what he is?

Goes along with the tenther stuff doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

What's really yucky about this one is that I agree with him on S881...
Oh dear... did I really say I agreed with Joe Miller about anything...?

Anonymous said...

"What's really yucky about this one is that I agree with him on S881..."

Busted clock and twice a day. If it has hands.

You have to give Joe credit he has a way with words. He is perceptive too.Who better to recognize something like this:

"Representative Don Young appears impervious to the fomenting discontent in Southeast Alaska over the legislation"

Because Joe ought to recognize "fomenting discontent".

"However, I am very concerned with the fact that Rep Young hasn't been listening."

Joe hasn't been listening either.

Go away.