Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Write to The Learning Channel - "Cancel the Final Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode"

The final episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska is scheduled for tomorrow - Sunday.

Here's a link to TLC's Viewer Relations page.

Here's what I wrote:
Please cancel Sunday’s final episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. You are promoting a person who may have helped incite a mass murder.
The message line appears to be very, very busy.


Anonymous said...

I did that hours ago, and it was very busy then. I don't know now if it should be cancelled or not, since the eyes of the country will be trained on the real sarah. The violence, the guns, the rhetoric, the thrill of the kill. Maybe more should see what we already do.

Anonymous said...

The site was very slow.........does that mean it's busy? I had my daughter leave an e-mail in addition to mine. She said that she felt that their promotion of Sarah Palin was also promotion of her violent rhetoric.

wendy isbell said...

Left my message just now. I asked them to remove finale and all reruns, remember in every episode Sarah makes a inflammatory remark, "Don't retreat, Reload", she complains about bloggers, media or her neighbors "who hate her family", all these remarks incite violence.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I wrote to TLC when news was first floating around about the show, told them that she was a fear-mongering, hate-promoting fraud, and that if they followed through with plans w/regard to her show that they were, in essence, condoning that behaviour.

Do you think they get it now?


Brandon said...

Right on, Phil. Thanks for posting this link.

Anonymous said...

Now that Sarah Palin is a "Person of Interest" in a murder investigation, it would be an insult to the surviving family members of this national tragedy to broadcast the Final Episode.

May the families involved recieve fast justice as those involved, including Sarah Palin, are punished for thier involvement.