Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 21 - Palin's Colossally Irresponsible Reemergence


Anonymous said...

Phil - thanks for posting this. When she wrote on her hand, I thought that was the end of her national aspirations; when she ____________ (fill in the blank - there have been so many jaw-dropping things Sarah has done the past two years) - but with today's "blood libel" - I find I am simply without words.

Just silence.

Anyone, but anyone who tries to prop her up after this morning's abysmal horror with the use of that term, is, in my mind, almost as guilty as she is.

May God save the Republic - and may He comfort those who weep today in Arizona ~

Anonymous said...

It was in the context of Rep.Giffords' Congress on your corner event.

It was a political act. There are many dimension to politics, not just left and right.

Anonymous said...

And, now we know, he was spewing the rhetoric about Federal Reserve Bank and gold standard and currency... You also saw stuff about grammar and mind control. BTW, I recall seeing and hearing some of this also on Beck's shows! (No, I dont watch him much at all, but a couple of clips I have seen and a few starters I saw were enough!)