Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is It Miller Time Yet?

People have been known to appeal unanimous decisions by their own state's Supreme Court to the U.S. Supreme Court. I doubt Joe Miller will do that, though.

Here's to you, Joe. As others have already noted - You're no quitter!

You can go home now. Hopefully, to Kansas.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the odyssey of Joe the Teabagger between summer and winter solstices, has been the amazing arc of his rise in popularity, from Fairbanks divorce attorney and conservative activist, to slayer of the Murkowski dynasty; followed so soon by his plummet, the beginnings of which coincided with the handcuffing of Hopfinger, to one of the most widely derided figures in Alaska political history.

And, yes. Those are the same handcuffs used by William Fulton to handcuff Tony Hopfinger, back on October 17th. I bought them from Fulton the week after Thanksgiving. Bill guarantees they are the same ones. Ray Metcalfe went in on it with me, 50/50%.

$40.00. Smith & Wesson Model M-100.


ella said...

Congratulations to all Alaskans. Phil, perhaps you can get Tony H. to send you an autographed tag to attach to the cuffs - you have an important part of AK election history now.

I keep hoping that you will someday publish ALL of "saradise lost."

Anonymous said...

Alaska court refuses to overturn sen. vote results

Congratulations Sen.Murkowski. Congratulations Alaska... and Congratulations to all of USA.

This is a great win for democracy.

Philip Munger said...

"This is a great win for democracy"

Not exactly. Miller's defense team sucked. ALL the votes should have been counted in the same way as were Murkowski's. They weren't. I agree with the court on voter intent, but unless every ballot in the state is examined for accuracy as were those cast for Murkowski, the process wasn't fair.

That being said - get the hell out of our lives, Joe!

AKjah said...

Twill be a long slog to get our elections right.

Bye Joe, here's hoping for disbarment