Thursday, December 2, 2010

Al Jazeera English's Long, Comprehensive Story Yesterday on Julian Assange

Thursday Morning, Democracy Now featured an interview with Assange's attorney:

News sources in Great Britain are writing that Assange is sitting in a house in southeast England, awaiting imminent arrest.


AKjah said...

What get's me the most is our media portrays this as a one man only operation. And killing him will solve what? If the US tries to prosecute the rest of the world will never trust the empire.

Anonymous said...

ALL of CA time-warner internet went down tonight, or last night(thurs)
it was down for hours, still some outages.
comcast/sux has had 'net issues' in many areas.

coincidence?..prolly not.
dont have more widespread info, dont know if other servers got overloaded, somehow.

wiki sweden servers went down about an hour ago, again.

someone is fucking with the skynet. and it aint wiki.

Anonymous said...

One babe of a suit......

AKjah said...

Wont be long before we have to be striped and fondled be for we can post on the web.

Celia Harrison said...

From the little information I can find about the so called "sex crimes" it sounds like they are charging him with crimes for behaving like a cad. If that is grounds for arrest, I've got a list for them. In other words, they searched high and low for some reason to detain him and two women who had been scorned were the best they could do. I would find it hard to believe MI6/SIS does not know exactly where Assange is. The U.K. government most likely trying to decide what action to take, 1)Cooperate with the U.S./wealthy elite and piss off their citizens or 2)Refuse to arrest Assange due to BS and piss off the U.S./wealthy elite.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Celia, I've noticed that Mr Assange freqently doesn't get much opportunity to bathe and shave, but that when he does he looks quite worthy of female attentions.

If the best that the shadowy elite could come up with is molestation and coercion, then that is the stuff of scandal, not Interpol, and what will be next?

Anonymous said...

The 'sex crimes' are as bogus as one can imagine. The female perps involved were in tandem with 1-2 of the sleaze rags in Sweden; they asked to volunteer for wiki.
The courts and cops in Sweden dropped, then picked up then dropped again, all 'charges' as they had 'no merit'; could not be backed up.

Keep an eye on wikileaks twitter.
This is also a english Sweden local news:

We are watching an info-war take place. Pravda has called out the US over its 'freedom of press'.

Anonymous said...

Btw, this will prolly get lost here, but seems twitter shut down wiki.
So this new twit site came about: ImWikileaks.
The whole world is watching.