Thursday, December 23, 2010

RAP News - Episode 6 - Cablegate: The Truth is Out There - Updated

I've posted a couple of episodes of RAP news here, and use some of the work by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni in my music appreciation class segment on "What Happens Next?" in terms of on-line interactive music, hip-hop, Afropop and other rapidly changing aspects of music. Hopefully, Farrant and Nanni's operation at will see wider distribution soon.

This episode has more content and truth in it in 6 minutes than in three weeks of FAUX News:

Update - Christmas Eve: I wrote to Hugo and Giordano yesterday:
I've used RAP news in my music appreciation class as part of a lecture describing where hip hop is going, and its global power. Good luck getting a wider audience for your outstanding productions. If you come to Alaska, I'll take you fishing.
They wrote back this morning:

We are very glad to hear that. Hope it went down well! Good on ya.

We'd love to come fishing with you in Alaska! :)

one day

All the best for 2011 xx


Celia Harrison said...

That was brilliant, Thank you.

AKjah said...

That was awesome. Opened some respect from me for the genre.Thanks i will be checking that out a bit more.