Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Are So Few Calling for the State of Alaska to Go After Child Abuser Bill Allen?

Good for you, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Good for you, Anchorage Daily News.

Good for you, Attorney General Dan Sullivan. Except you're out the door.

Good for you Sen. Mark Begich.

Good for you, Rep. Don Young.

Good for you, Gov. Sean Parnell.

Good for you, Alaska Republican Party chief Randy Reudrich (pictured with Bill Allen at above left).

That goddam fucking sleazy child molester Bill Allen should have his prick cut off. He should be forced to eat it raw. And a good half of the male politicians who have come to power here in the past 25 years should be forced to watch him do it.

I'm not going to list their names. But a lot of us know who they are. If it were up to me, Lisa's dad would be on the list. And Randy Reudrich would have to carry the bloated carcass out the door. And Sheila Toomey would have to hose down the room afterward.

Were Allen Black, Alaska Native, Samoan, Latino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Jewish, Southeast Asian, or any of our other Alaska minorities and he had taken advantage of underage White women the way he operated, he would have been busted years decades ago.

The longer this guy, the most destructive personality in our state's history goes, without either being sent to prison for the rest of his life or blowing his own sick brains out the back of his disgusting cranium, the longer his legacy stains ours.

Part of the reason I'm so pissed is because so many of the sleaziest true Bill Allen stories haven't made it to print. Most never will.


Brandon said...

Please provide a little context for the fury you're expressing here. Aside from what he's been convicted of, he's only being investigated for solicitation, right?

Anonymous said...

If you click the links provided in the body of this post you will have some context
and if you track back to this post there are more links...

Explaining Mr Allen's slimy grasp on this state and the damage he's done across so many fronts would make a post which stretched off across the Bering Sea...
That he was a businessman spouting the same tired crap about what government must/should/ he'll bribe it to do and all that opened doors and made him "respectable" for so long is an indictment of the blinkers oil has made us wear...
I hope we can have a public accounting for the young women he preyed on...
It's one thing to prey on money hungry, corrupt politicos, it's another to use power and influence to prey on the young...


Mark said...

Geez Brandon, what planet outside of this solar system are YOU from?
Bill Allen is not just accused, but his abuse of a 15 year old girl from Goodnews Bay is narrated in public by her (see the stories).

Phil, I couldn't have put it better. Thanks

Mark Springer

sam said...

Phil, Thanks for the post. Ideas on how to apply some pressure on the issue?

Anonymous said...

Well, Phil, how about putting the worst stories into print?

Brandon said...

I still don't get it. What's with the outcry? The single complaining witness is a prostitute. How does a trial based on that warrant prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Brandon- what a dip!
Old, old, old argument that a prostitute can have no argument with what happens to her as she "chose" her "profession"...or that because she/he engages in a "crime" anything they say is unworthy of consideration...?
We don't accept that 15 year olds can choose to quit school, get a full time job, and any other number of activities without adult supervision but we make an exception for a 15 yr old choosing prostitution as a "career"?

Brandon said...

The 'old, old, old argument' that you're talking about isn't mine. I do have a hard time imagining a juror that would take any of her (or Allen's) story seriously.

Thanks for the insult, by the way, dick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil!!

I am not a long time resident of AK but the stories of this man and his abuses were some of the first I heard when I came here!

To me his treatment, or lack of it, says a lot of how AK values its children, Natives and women.

So sad for a state that tires to lay claim to having one of the 'best' state constitutions that makes 'everyone' equal.

Money and connections still talk in this state and to me this is one of the biggest examples!!