Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Pathetic Sen. John McCain

Here's John McCain this morning, in his last desperate scare tactic, trying to change votes on DADT's end:

The have no arms and no legs, Senator, because you and your ilk sent them there with a fucking pack of lies.

And you want to send thousands more to die in another useless war based upon a newer set of lies:


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. McCain needs to go home and sit on his couch in front of the fire.

womanwithsardinecan said...

He's a senile, gold-digging old bastard. He needs to go home and live off his wife until she divorces him.

Anonymous said...

No honor. No compassion. No idea. Out of touch. Out of his mind. Go home John McCain you old fuddy duddy lying flip flopper. You sir do a disservice to all the men and women who serve your country almost every time you open your mouth.

Anonymous said...

... Rachel Maddow interviewed the first amputee of the Iraq invasion on her show last week...
GUESS WHAT... he is gay! And So What!

McCain (No Sir, you do not deserve the title of "The Honorable" etc.)
is beyond despicable. He has cynically exploited his victim status of being a prisoner of war, and opened up a vipers' pit of polarization and outright hatred within this country's population to his advantage.

majii said...

McCain can now chalk up another loss to President Barack Hussein Obama.

I used to have a little bit of respect for McCain, now I have none. He had an opportunity to show true bi-partisanship after losing in 2008, but he took the path of pandering to the extreme right sector of the Republican Party in order to win re-election last month and to exact revenge on the president. I have no sympathy for him looking like a washed up old man because he chose his path, and he's walking it. His legacy will be that of a bitter old man who lost to Barack Obama, and spent his remaining years in Congress making nonsensical, illogical speeches.

Serves him right. Anyone who lets anger and bitterness rule his/her life deserves all of the mockery he/she receives.

I wonder whether this will have any impact on the networks inviting him onto their Sunday news programs to talk about things he doesn't understand, though. I'm hoping the invitations dry up. Steven Benen was right about McCain. He's not a leader in the Senate, and not an expert on any policy issue, therefore, there's no need for him to be on teevee as much as he is.