Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rep. Berman Pushing Secret Resolution to Stifle Palestinian Statehood Moves Here and Abroad

Rep. Howard Berman (CA-28) is secretly circulating a House Resolution that seeks to force Palestinian leaders to:

cease all efforts at circumventing the negotiation process, including efforts to gain recognition of a Palestinian state from other nations, within the United Nations, and in other international forums prior to achievement of a final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, and calls upon foreign governments not to extend such recognition.

It also seeks to force the Obama administration to:

lead a diplomatic effort to persuade other nations to oppose a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state and to oppose recognition of a Palestinian state by other nations, within the United Nations, and in other international forums prior to achievement of a final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

The organization U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation created a petition addressed to Berman late yesterday, to be hand-delivered to Berman should it obtain 5,000 signatures. This morning and early afternoon it has easily gotten that many signers.

Their petition simply reads:
Dear Rep. Berman,

I oppose your resolution condemning Palestinian efforts to achieve statehood. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in his famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” the worst stumbling block to freedom’s advance is the person who “paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man's [or woman’s] freedom.” It is a shame that you have decided to push through Congress a resolution setting a timeline on Palestinian freedom.

Here's a link to the petition.

As some here may know, last month three Latin American countries, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, recognized a Palestinian State with borders marked by the pre-1967 War line, the so-called Green Line. This caused consternation in the U.S. and Israeli governments:
In rapid succession, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have officially recognized a free and independent Palestinian state, adding an unexpected twist to the U.S.-backed push for Middle East peace. The South American neighbors said that the Palestinian state should be based on the borders of the West Bank and Gaza before Israel took control of the territories in the 1967 Six-Day War. Palestinians welcomed the news, Israel called it "regrettable," and the U.S. said it could be a "counterproductive" distraction from peace negotiations.

Berman, who stated at the time of his appointment to the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that "[e]ven before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist," has been one of the strongest backers of going to war against Iran. He has made a number of false statements regarding Iranian nuclear capabilities and intentions.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee (soon to be renamed the House Committee on Sanctions and Accountability /s) has a history of being led by hawks who are willing to lie us into wars. Berman was preceded by the late Tom Lantos, co-creator of the fictitious "Nurse Nariya" during the first Gulf War. Berman will be succeeded by GOP Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who last week had a hand in Rep. Ron Klein's HR 1751, which, while "list[ing] by name 22 countries that offered/sent help to fight the fire ..... omits any mention of the fact that the Palestinian Authority" sent key equipment and trained firefighters to the devastating wildfires in Israel.

Berman's Resolution, like many Israeli-designed House and Senate resolutions, is designed to limit both the power of the president, and to send a message to the European Union, where there is growing momentum for that body to follow the leads of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Please go here and sign the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation's petition.


Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin sports a variety of keffiyeh as well as lighter Arabic scarves.
Keffiyeh is no longer a Palestinian symbol. It is now a symbol of Christian abstinence. And Jews returning to Israel, Manifest Destiny, the Rapture and all that.

See? Here she is with Billy Graham's granddaughter. If that ain't an Christian endorsement, I don't know what is.

Sorry, Yassar Arafat, you're so 80s.

It's just that easy. Gotta say - those Palins sure know how to deliver their agenda. Wow. They just do it, and bam - It.Is.So.

I want your scarf. Give it to me. Now it's mine.
I wish I had that kind of confidence!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:41 AM,
You must have just crawled out of a cave because the left wing nutjobs have been wrapping themselves in keffiyehs for quite some time now. This has nothing to do with the Palins or anything else you mentioned. Time to wake up and smell the fooking coffee!
The left always starts the bullshit and end up crying about it.

Anonymous said...

You don't get how big of a deal this is, do you? You just can't appreciate the significance.

"“People that are wearing the keffiyeh in solidarity with the Palestinian people, or at least as a symbol of anti-colonialism, really should be encouraged to look for a ‘Made in Palestine’ label.”
Last year, a group of Palestinians created “The Last Keffiyeh,” an organization dedicated to salvaging the Herbawi factory and convincing consumers to choose the Palestinian versus Chinese-made keffiyehs."

The Keffiyeh's black and white pattern has come to symbolize the Palestinian struggle; the middle pattern, with its "wire mesh fence" design represents the Israeli occupation, while the oblong-shaped patterns on the side represent olive leaves- a symbol of Palestine and peace.

The Last Keffiyeh

"The Last Keffiyeh" comes from the only remaining Keffiyeh factory in Palestine- the Hirbawi Textile Factory.

Seventy-six year old Yasser Hirbawi opened his factory in 1961, operating 15 machines and producing 150,000 keffiyehs annually by the early 1990s. Today, due to the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords and the opening of trade with the outside world, only four machines remain in operation producing a mere 10,000 scarves a year. Not one of these scarves are exported, as overseas suppliers produce mass quantities at a fraction of the price, and the shrinking Palestinian economy and Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks create further hindrances to production and trade for small businesses like Mr. Hirbawi's.

In Mr. Hirbawi's own words: "My machines are in good shape. They can start working tomorrow. I just need a market."

And this is exactly what we hope to do.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mr. Hirbawi has fallen into the same hole as everyone else. People want cheap goods and China provides it. Israel has nothing to do with that problem.
How odd!

Besides, keep up the BDS BS and it will come back and smack you and Hibrawi right in the ASS.
How odd!