Monday, December 13, 2010

Glenn Beck's Hatred Is the Most Poisonous on American Airwaves in Generations

Back when Beck was a fixture on CNN's Headline News channel, I commented at a few blogs that he was potentially the most dangerous man in America. I compared him to demagogues from the 1930s, such as Father Charles Coughlin and Sen. Joe McCarthy.

Since Rupert Murdoch gave Beck a far wider venue at FOX News, he has come closer to becoming the most dangerous man in America. That he is given any credence whatsoever is one of the major signs of the depths of depravity our media moguls will reach toward as they desperately troll for listeners and viewers. Not just Murdoch, whose career was built upon reaching for one lowest common denominator after another, but also the major media outlets that give this purveyor of hatred column inches in any other context than one of questioning why he's even there.

Here's Fareed Zakaria, deconstructing one of BecKKK's most recent lies:


crystalwolfakacalifgrl said...

I would add Palin as the female version of GlenDuh!
She & him make a Vile team don't they?

Anonymous said...

and you "progressives" are all about love

mariano said...

Call it "tough love"