Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Michael Moore Discusses Posting Bail for Assange on Countdown


Anonymous said...

Wikileaks has become the cult of Julian Assange. That is not a compliment. Listen to what his former colleagues and supporters are saying about the wrongdoing and secrecy at Wikileaks. The irony is unbelievable. Please stop glorifying Julian Assange. It's beginning to feel like Palinbot-land.


Philip Munger said...

I commented abut this at an earlier post:

"I'm not fond of Assange. When he first emerged, his mannerisms and persona turned me off. What wikileaks is doing, though, is important. If governments didn't keep way, way too many secrets, there would be no need for wkileaks."

What Assange is going through is bullshit. How often does Interpol put someone in custody for a charge of this sort? Do you really believe he is in jail because of the complaints of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen?