Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Ready for the Eclipse - Updated

We haven't used this old Meade telescope for several years. It tipped over a decade ago in an earthquake and some of the lever systems for fine tuning cracked or broke. I've jury-rigged it for tonight.

Update: Unlike many places, it was crystal clear on Neklason Lake. Judy, Strider
and I went out onto the ice and watched as the earth's shadow slowly covered the moon's reflected brightness. It was stunning. The telescope did not work - the gears are stripped on its lever systems. We have some good binoculars, though.

Steve Aufrecht got a series of good photos in Anchorage, before clouds obscured the moon:


Philip Munger said...

It's pretty cool, but the old Meade is ready for the borough dump. The gears are stripped out on its turning mechanisms, and the cinches to hold it place are as bad.

But the clear sky is awesome, as we listen to dozens of dogs howling around the lake.

Anonymous said...

Pls post pictures if possible to capture. :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like your minimal-lit christmas tree BTW. Nice! Your dog seemed to be catching zzz's in anticipation of a long latenight!

Philip Munger said...

Judy and I went out on the lake to watch the moon get swallowed by the earth.