Monday, September 17, 2012

Watching Mitt Melt

No doubt Mitt Romney is taking breaks from his seemingly non-stop gaffe-making tour to watch videos of Obama in debates in years past.  Obama is probably doing that too.  There are several past Romney debates on Youtube.  This one - an excerpt - is from 18 years ago, when he was running for the U.S. Senate seat then held by Teddy Kennedy.

Even with a very sympathetic audience, Kennedy manages to miff Mitt into a borderline meltdown:

Kennedy went on to win with 58% of the vote to Romney's 41% Romney outspent Kennedy, spending over $7 million of his own fortune, while Kennedy had to mortgage his home. Kennedy was marginally ahead before the debates, but went on to win by 17 points.

 Watching Romney deal with questions about the 47% of Americans he characterizes as freeloaders on his press conference this evening leaves no doubt he's on a track to be getting less than 47% of the vote in November, unless somebody has Obama whacked.

 Let's hope not!

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