Sunday, September 2, 2012

Is This Romney Ad Sincere, or Not?

First off, I don't trust Mitt Romney on any subject whatsoever.

 The only thing he is getting better at, as his nomination speech at the RNC demonstrated, is being a nearly perfect fake.

 Secondly, his activities in this campaign regarding Israel, and raising money there while the president is fully engaged in trying to stop Israel's war against Iran from going fully violent or even nuclear, borders on treason.

 Romney's and the GOP's main player in direct contributing, bundling, hustling post-Citizens United millions and who knows what else, is a Vegas sleaze bag slime ball no better than Meyer Lanski, but far more wealthy.

 In terms of dealing with this, the US media has utterly failed this election cycle.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Watching Romney barely take his eyes of the telepromter at the RNC, I thought, Romney sounds like an unfocused parent reading a children's book, barely getting the inflections right. How people can't spot this phoney a mile away is a psychological mystery to me.