Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scott Brown's "Macaca" Moment?

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Anonymous said...

Good gawd. What a disgusting political poster.

No wonder my native neibors rarely talk to us.
I see the racism they must encounter from my white bread peers. It's like a never ending river of ilk.

My basement and driveway flooded this past rain storm. I came home to a mess. While my white bread neibor was running his plow truck up and down the subdivision road, my native neibor and his boys were digging up their garden dirt and making a berm around the entrance to my basement. So the work of the plow truck wouldn't flow into it.

White bread plow truck driver actually bragged to me that he kept on plowing the street in a effort to ruin the "garden dirt berm". His racism got the best of him once he realized he was bragging about how he attempted to ruin their efforts to save my basement.

I was embarrassed. Just embarrassed to realize I'd been better friends with ol white bread plow truck driver.

As my wife and I sat in the dark, pondering our choice of neibor hood friends over the past decade... Our native neibor sent his kid over with a loaf of fresh baked bread and a note saying him and his kids will be over in the am to help with cleaning up the basement.

My wife sat in horror and asked what the hell have we done? I felt foolish.

For at least a decade we have sat or turned a eye to the rude and crude treatment my white bread plow truck driver neibor has treated my native neibor. No more. No more. No more. No more.