Monday, September 3, 2012

The "Vision" Part of Envision Mat-Su Explained at Dedication of Public Art Over Cottonwood Creek in Wasilla

On Friday mid-afternoon, about fifty people, including lots of kids, were on hand at the small public park along the shore of Cottonwood Creek in Wasilla, in the area between Johnson Tire Service and the new bridge overpass of the Palmer-Wasilla Highway extension.

They were there to dedicate a new sculpture that now adorns the rebuilt railings on a pedestrian bridge crossing the creek there.  From the bridge, earlier in August, I was able to see hundreds of Sockeye and Coho salmon, as they swam upstream, to spawn in Wasilla, Cottonwood, Little Neklason, Neklason or Cornelius Lakes.
Metal Artist Holly Gittlein, cutting the ribbon
Wasilla area artist, Holly Gittlein, was there to explain her work in detail:  The metal sculptures' six panels depict the life cycle of the salmon.  They are attached to new railings, which, unlike the old ones, allow youngsters and small children to both look down on the creek and the life in it, and be safe.

The dedication was also the occasion of the public announcement of the re-branding of Friends of Mat-Su, the Valley's most effective environmental organization, as Envision Mat-Su.  Here is Envision Mat-SU Board of Directors President, Bonny Harter, introducing the organization's Executive Director, Jeremiah Millen, as he explains both the reorganization, and the partnerships that went into getting this effective piece of public art put into place:
It is important that this first partnership of the newly restructured organization, included the City of Wasilla, the Mat-Su Borough, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Here is the dedication cake:

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