Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saradise Lost - Book 5 - Chapter 79: Palin Sets One-Day Record for Quitting - Aborts Bus Tour in Middle of 2nd Trimester, Aborts Sudan Trip - Updated

Sarah Palin, fresh on the heels of having some shadowy spokesperson announce she has aborted her buss tour (for now? - until next week? - until next month?), has announced she will not be going to Africa:
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has canceled a planned trip next month to war-ravaged Sudan, one of the most unstable nations in the world and the focus of passionate advocacy within the U.S. evangelical community.

Palin scrapped her plans to visit the North African country for scheduling reasons, several sources close to Palin said. She was planning to travel with Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical leader Billy Graham, as well as Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren to the July 9 independence ceremony of South Sudan, the sources said.

Joe McGinniss, somewhat prophetically, predicted yesterday that this would happen, in a column titled, appropriately enough, "Sarah Palin Can't Possibly Be Going to Sudan Next Month."

Earlier today, in the wake of the bus tour quitting announcement, the news aggregator memeorandum looked like this, showing 28 articles appearing about her "quitting halfway through":
Is there anything else she can quit today?

I'm wondering if there may be a connection between these sudden schedule changes and Malia Litman's April request to the state for an investigation of Palin for tax fraud regarding the tax write-off for her political advertisement that was masked as some sort of reality show, or from her May request to the chief Federal criminal investigator for Alaska, to look into the same matter. At the time, Litman's request struck me as valid and important.

Update: Palin claims she is on jury duty. Makes sense


Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on this - I am always torn about Sarah Palin & her motives. Sometimes I think she is getting in hunker-down mode, other times that she is choosing some completely irrational stunt. She does tend to cocoon every few months (why? "down" time?) so it could be that. Or she's going to announce her candidacy July 4th because she is completely unaware of the beating she has taken in the last few weeks. Oh, she'll definitely give it away at some point - the truth is always slipped into her lies. (I joked in another comment that the Graham family broke up with her because of the un-Christian-like behavior of her daughter - but it may not be a joke) JR

nswfm said...

"Is there anything else she can quit today?"

Yeah, how about being one of the plagues on America and the world?

That gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

She sure isn't doing herself any she thinking the undocumentary is going to win over all those who don;t worship her stilettos? Hey, Sarah, you couldn't pay me enough to sit through that propaganda. You were NOT a good Governor. You are NOT a good mother, nor a practicing Christian. And, honey, you will never be President, so set your sights on something more attainable, like Liar of the decade maybe.