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In Defense of Jeanne Devon - Updated

I. I met Jeanne Devon at about 10:15 pm on Tuesday August 26th 2008, at the Anchorage Egan Center. She came up to me with a smile, stating, "Hi - I'm Mudflats. Your blog is what inspired me most to get into this."

I've since defended Jeanne Devon, the founder of one of Alaska's great blogs too many times to recount here. Some have been frustrating, others hilarious. When Alaska legislator Mike Doogan outed Devon, whose identity I was protecting, along with many others, I published my email exchange with Doogan in which he played me along, trying to find out who AK Muckraker was. In 2008 and 2009, at a fair number of events I hosted, I introduced Devon to people only on the condition that they keep her anonymity.

During that time span I also advised AKM to be prepared to be outed eventually, as it was almost certain to happen. At one of those conversations, I also brought up the fact that I could not join Alaskans for Truth, as the relationship between Jeanne as an anonymous supporter of that organization, tied with her husband's role as treasurer did not meet my transparency test.

II. Maybe that was when things began to go downhill. Last year I complained to Jeanne that Steve Conn's scathingly critical obituary, published at The Mudflats, of the recently departed Sen. Ted Stevens contained inaccurate information. I requested that that portion of the article be changed or withdrawn. Conn, who I admire, wrote:
When Ted was US Solicitor for the territory, he gave free rein to the AEC’s Project Chariot and its related radiation experiments on Alaska Natives and their subsistence lifestyles.
There is no evidence whatsoever to support that very damning statement. It seriously marred what was otherwise the best hostile critique of Stevens' legacy. Devon never wrote back to me about the article. Instead, Shannyn Moore emailed me, in an exchange about the importance of accuracy, "Who cares?"

Conn did care. At least enough to correspond with me at length about his statement, which he never was able to back up with any proof.

Soon afterward, Progressive Alaska was removed from the list of Alaska blogs at The Mudflats.

III. Recently, Devon claimed that Alaska Rep. Vic Kohring, in regard to the 2008 legislative session's HB 300, introduced by Kohring:
When Republican Representative Vic Kohring stated about the legislation that “It’s critical all members of the Commission have a fundamental understanding of the industry they regulate, and this legislation helps accomplish that.” It is quite clear to whom he was referring."
Again, this was part of an otherwise sturdy article. But it was false information. I wrote about my remembrance of the bill the next day:
This statement is intriguing, as I remember talking to Vic Kohring about that bill at the time. He still was in Palin's camp, so if it is clear to Jeanne why Kohring directed this legislation against Palin's shortcomings, it must be part of Frank Bailey's revelations.
I was going to leave it at that, but a friend informed me that this inaccuracy miffed Vic. I contacted Vic, and he wrote:
My legislation was not a personal matter between Sarah Palin and myself. In fact, she had nothing to do with my drafting and filing of the bill, despite what those who claimed otherwise (that it targeted her because of her lack of experience in the oil industry, etc.) and despite the claims made by the author of the recent "Mudflats" article (that Sarah was the obvious reason for the bill, etc.).

-- The Mudflats article also referred to the bill as the "No More Sarah Palin Bill," a term I've never before heard of until reading the article.
I wrote to Jeanne, citing my concerns from my PA post. She wrote back:
I can't discuss that with you at this time Phil. I'm sorry.

My contact(s) remember differently regarding the name of the bill, and I'm not at liberty to reveal them.
I wrote back:

I've been asking around, and none of my 2006 legislative session contacts remember HB 300 being called the "no more Sarah Palin Bill" then. Some had never heard the term before. Enclosed is my letter from the bill's framer.

Would you be willing to share with me who told you the bill was then called this? And who told you that Vic was "clearly" referring to Palin or her lack of expertise when he wrote the phrase “It’s critical all members of the Commission have a fundamental understanding of the industry they regulate, and this legislation helps accomplish that”?
She wrote back:
I will be happy to make a correction.
IV. I've been trying to find out where Frank Bailey is donating his money from the sale proceeds of Blind Allegiance to. I've tried to get through to three talk radio appearances he has been on, to ask him "Can you describe the charity you claim your proceeds from your book are helping?" He has claimed in some of his right-wing appearances, where he was assailed for profiting off of the book, and off of the emails he kept from his state employment, of benefitting in unsavory ways, that the money is going to a "good cause." His replies have been to refer to some sort of charity, and to tie that to his fundamentalist Christian precepts, which he feels he represents and Palin does not.

This afternoon, Shannyn Moore hosted Jeanne Devon at the Sunday Firedoglake Book Salon. They were there for two hours, to take questions from readers of the very progressive blog.

I showed up, and asked:
Bailey’s appearances promoting the book on conservative venues have been notable for his statements about his colleagues in the project, his projection of their political views, and his plans to use his profits to further his religious beliefs.

On the Dana Loesch radio program, he stated “there is no way you can possibly think this was written by people who are not conservative.” Does that bother you that Bailey is calling you a conservative on right-wing radio?

He also stated that his profits will go to advance his cause of fighting Alaska laws which allow teens raped by their stepfather, for instance, to be able to seek medical attention without having to go through the immediate family. He has also stated he believes strongly in rape victims having to bear the child of their rapist, so one might assume he will support people who support that with his profits. Do you know otherwise? How is he going to use his profits? Perhaps you can convince him to donate to firedoglake?

He has also stated more than once that he has been working on this project for over a year and a half with his “co-authors.” When did you start discussing this project with him or his agent?

Rebecca Mansour, from SarahPAC claimed two weeks ago that Bailey had first approached her about a book on Palin, but that it was to be pro-Palin. Mansour has not presented documentation to back up her assertion. Has Bailey shared his thoughts on Mansour’s claim with you?
My response was from Moore, not Devon:
Rebecca lied. Franks said so on my show the day that came out. You know Jeanne isn’t a right-winger. So does Frank.
I responded:
I wasn’t asking you
Jeanne, to her credit, finally responded:
Frank definitely knows I am not a conservative. This book conveys his thoughts and feelings. If he actually called me a conservative during an interview, I’m sure he’d be the first to say he misspoke. It’s clear in the book where the authors are described where we stand.

It’s none of my business where Frank donates money. It’s only my business where I donate money. :)

The claim by Rebecca Mansour about Frank approaching her to write a book is a complete fabrication. I told Frank she’d said that and he was completely stunned. Totally false.
I wrote back:
Thanks for your reply. I too believe Mansour just made it up out of thin air.

"It’s none of my business where Frank donates money"

— but those who choose to purchase a product might not want some of the money to go to support anti-gay, anti-choice foundations or donation caches such as Bailey is describing he is doing with his profits from the sales. Are you suggesting fdl readers should “put all that behind us” and “move on”?
Jesse Gryphen has taken up this subject, in his blog post on the book salon:

Update: Okay everybody hold off on condemning Frank over this supposed "donation to fight for parental consent, even for incest victims."
Phil called me before he went over to FDL and said he thought it was mentioned in the back of Bailey's book, though HE had not yet seen it. If it is I have not been able to find it so far.

He also said Frank mentioned it while being interviewed by Dana Loesch. I just listened to the interview and (unless I missed it) there was absolutely no mention of this. (You can listen for yourself here.)

I also just received an e-mail from Jeanne Devin and she has never heard anything about this.

So before we all go off half cocked, let's make sure this information is accurate. Right now Phil is the SOLE source of this information. I know that Frank is a supporter of parental consent, but I have NO concrete evidence that he is donating the proceeds of this book to that cause.
Jesse confused what I revealed about the Dana Loesch interview with what I said about other interviews Bailey has given. And I have not read the book, and kindly asked Jesse, who I thought might have a copy, to look for me. Thanks, Gryph.

V. So - where is Frank donating this money, if he isn't pocketing it? Based on what he has said on radio shows I've monitored, it is going to fundamentalist Christian causes that he supports. And based upon what Devon wrote at fdl today, "It’s none of my business where Frank donates money," I recommend holding off on buying that copy of this magnificent redemptive tale of a Christian fundamentalist who is totally anti-pro-choice, anti-gay rights, and a host of other things, until the curiosity Moore and Devon have so notably lacked is satisfied by someone more willing to play more than footsie with this creepy past fixture of government run amok, and current or future fixture of what we need to know far more about.

On the other hand, maybe Shannyn is still thinking, "Who cares?"

Update: Apparently people finally are interested in where Frank's money might go. From the Immoral Minority:

Update 2: I just heard back from Jeanne again.

Bailey has NO plans to donate any money to Pro-Life programs of any kind.

I have no idea why Phil made this accusation, but it has NO validity, and was NOT found in the two places that he identified such a statement could be found.

To repeat, this is a FALSE statement, and should not keep anyone from purchasing this book.
From the comments at Jesse's article:
I think that Phil was making a leap that since Bailey is a "Fox Conservative" and supported our recent Parental Consent Initiative, that Bailey would naturally donate money to a cause that he supports. When Edward Teller's (Phil Munger) comment showed up on the FDL Salon today, it seemed more as if Edward/Phil was inferring rather than actually stating a known fact regarding how Bailey would actually spend his book profits.

Of course, I could be wrong, but this was the way I read it as it was happening on the FDL Salon comment board.

Everyone has been aware for quite some time that Bailey is very christian and very conservative; what cause would anyone expect him to donate to? Planned Parenthood? Obama's 2012 campaign? Nope he's diametrically opposed politically to nearly everyone that posts here or at Mudflats and he would naturally support causes and organizations that reflect his personal and political interests.

I'm just amazed that people are so surprised and so reactionary towards where Bailey would possibly spend his money. He's not like us, not at all. Some of you may have christianity in common with him but politically most of us don't roll his way. The way it seems to work on all of these various anti-Palin blogs is that is someone has a dislike or distrust of Palin then they are welcomed with open arms, regardless of their background, philosophy, political leanings or even personal reputation. If you hate or distrust Sarah, you're one of us. Well, we have that one thing in common with Frank Bailey; that one thing and that's it. Live with it. It is none of our business how Frank spends his book profits. If you don't agree then don't buy the book.
from the comments at this one:
Shannyn Moore said...

Shame on you, Phil.


Kat said...

I care. If I had an inkling that this was happening, I would never have bought the book. I guess I should have thought about it before ordering, but with Jeanne being one of the co-authors, I just went full speed ahead & bought it.

It IS Frank's right to donate or not donate his proceeds to whatever cause he wants, but I care enough to never contribute my money to support his RWNJ fundamentalist causes. Next time I'll look before I leap.

So yes, Shannyn - I DO care and I'm sure many others do too. I'm disappointed in you.

Thanks Phil!!

Philip Munger said...

Thanks, KAT. If I felt Jeanne might reply, I'd ask her right now if she still feels what Frank does with his $$$ is his business. But I doubt she would answer.

Prove me wrong, AKM...

Grandmaj said...

I totally agree Kat. I care and would not have bought the book if I had known this. I bought the book because of Jeanne. Very disappointed.

Thanks for the post Phil.

Anonymous said...

I'm very pro-choice. I bought Bailey's book and have no regrets doing so. I highly recommend it. Getting the word out to the public on who the real Sarah Palin is the real benefit of this book. What Bailey does with his profits is his business. If people are offended that Bailey is pro-life, they could donate to Planned Parenthood to even the score.

What would unethical Sarah do to further the pro-life cause if she were elected President? That's what we should be pre-occupied with - keeping her the hell out of office.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Kat and GrandmaJ. I have not bought the book but was planning on it, but with this new information, I am holding off. I will wait until I can get it from the Library.

I don't care who he is or what he "exposed" in his book. I'll save my $$$ and buy Joe McGinnis's book.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bailey of course has the right to spend his money as he sees fit. As one who bought a copy of his book, however, I'm not happy about his (ostensible) plans to support a loathsome cause with a portion of his profits--but I can't say I'm surprised.

The thing that annoyed me most about this kerfluffle today, though, was Shannyn Moore's role in the FDL interview with Jeanne Devon. Typically, SM had to insert her smart-ass, know-it-all self into the discussion instead of acting as a facilitator/host and letting Devon answer questions. SM could take a few lessons from you in that regard, Phil: your FDL interview with Geoffrey Dunn was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and her palinbots are desperate to get people not to read this book. They're runnin' scared and spinin' 'till they're dizzy. It's so hard to defend Sarah when she repeatedly hangs herself with her own emails and her own actions.

Defenders of Sarah, you're wasting your time supporting an illusion. The real Sarah is not pretty. Find someone who is actually worth your admiration.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. Wise up people. Frank Bailey is a conservative nut. He gives his own money to all of those anti-choice causes. Whether he donates his proceeds-I have never heard that he was-or whether he pockets the money and tithes to his whack-a-doodle church, it's his right to do that and it's NEVER been a secret Frank is a right-wing nut job. Kudos to Frank for putting the book out. We would never have otherwise seen those emails.

Shannyn Moore said...

Shame on you, Phil.

Anonymous said...

PHIL! Joe McGinniss reeled you in with a big fat lie! Frank Bailey has NEVER stated he was donating proceeds to any cause!

Straight from Gryphen's blog tonight:

"Update: Okay everybody hold off on condemning Frank over this supposed "donation to fight for parental consent, even for incest victims."

Phil called me before he went over to FDL and said he thought it was mentioned in the back of Bailey's book, though HE had not yet seen it. If it is I have not been able to find it so far.

He also said Frank mentioned it while being interviewed by Dana Loesch. I just listened to the interview and (unless I missed it) there was absolutely no mention of this. (You can listen for yourself here.)

I also just received an e-mail from Jeanne Devin and she has never heard anything about this.

So before we all go off half cocked, let's make sure this information is accurate. Right now Phil is the SOLE source of this information. I know that Frank is a supporter of parental consent, but I have NO concrete evidence that he is donating the proceeds of this book to that cause.

Update 2: I just heard back from Jeanne again.

Bailey has NO plans to donate any money to Pro-Life programs of any kind.

I have no idea why Phil made this accusation, but it has NO validity, and was NOT found in the two places that he identified such a statement could be found.

To repeat, this is a FALSE statement, and should not keep anyone from purchasing this book."

Read it at Jesse Blogs right here:

WakeUpAmerica said...

Geez, what a brouhaha over what? Honestly, do you all feel this strongly about every book you buy? I don't think I have ever been influenced by what the author was going to do with his money. Either I want to hear what an author has to say or I don't.

My political views are totally opposite to Frank Bailey's, but I completely respect his willingness to look inward and take responsibility for the unethical and unChristian things he did. He appears to me to be a very kind man who deeply regrets veering from the path Jesus wanted him to take. Furthermore, I respect his willingness to stand up for what he believes to be the moral and ethical issues even if I disagree with his beliefs. It takes courage and strength to publically humiliate oneself and admit wrongdoing.

At this point in the game, I sure would hate to see the Alaskan bloggers circle their wagons and start shooting inward. Each and every one of them has served an important purpose in their own unique ways.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more Pro-Sarah-Pro-Life supporters will read Frank's accurate account of his hellish life with Sarah. That would educate them on what a big egotistical phony she truly is. Frank was an avid Sarah supporter until he saw the light.

Anonymous said...

What WakeUpAmerica said.

Anonymous said...

What Wake Up America said, and what Anonymous said about what WakeUpAmerica said.

Anonymous said...

With blogs like yours and Jesse's, C4P can take a nap.

Anonymous said...

I think Phil needs to find a good therapist, he's got an unhealthy obsession with Frank Baily and he's a burden to others.

Kejia said...

You are right to care. But I suspect that Bailey will decide that charity begins at home. And after all, who in politics--anywhere on the spectrum--will now hire him?

Kejia said...

Shannon, saying "shame on you" is hardly the statement of a journalist. Phil may be wrong, but he has the right to ask. If you insist on being in a club whose members cannot question and or criticize, the you are no better than the good old boys in old-time politics.

Anonymous said...

Having read the book, I am surprised that Bailey would give any of his money away, having admitted that he put his family through he'll for three years, both personally and financially. Frank, consider paying down the Visa bill and saving for college for your kids.

ginny said...

Wow, the truth comes out: when those who aligned themselves with "the enemy", so to speak, are now subject to questions about that association and it's implications, the immediate reaction is to CYA and act like we don't have the right to ask these questions. Sounds an AWFUL lot like the typical reaction of someone else we all know when she is questioned critically about ANYTHING.
"Shame on you Phil"? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Sad.

10catsinMD said...

Wow. I agree with you Phil. I am surprised at Shannyn. How many times in the past years have we looked at where the money goes.

Ultimately, we have no control over where the money goes once it is spent. So Bailey can do as he pleases.

I have read so much about the incest problems in AK, I would be totally against the parental consent bill if I lived there. I would also like some honesty from Bailey about where he will spend this quickly earned pot of money. The book places him precisely in the public eye, and he won't go away for a long time.

Following the money always has been a very important factor. Does Shannyn's "Who cares?" also apply to Bill Allen's money? Or other lobbiest's money? I followed the discussion yesterday and thought Shannyn's comments were very out of place.

I have followed the AK blogs for quite awhile, but will read more carefully in the future.

10catsinMD said...

I bought the kindle version of the book to not spend too much money on it. Was going to buy the hard copy, but will not.

I will not put any of my money into conservative pockets if I can avoid it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:27pm

"I" heard Frank Bailey say in an interview posted on one of the blogs/papers I read daily that he was not making a profit off his book - that he was donating his proceeds to charity. It was a defensive answer to a question that implied his expose` was not factual but revenge for having been fired by Sarah and he was only doing this (writing the book) for the money. I do not recall which interview it was as I've listened to and watched many videos since with all the hooplah created by Sarah these past 10 days.

But I did in fact hear those words come from Frank Bailey's mouth, well before his charity of choice was an issue.

I purchased not one but two copies of Blind Allegiance, one on purpose and the second in error. I gave the second copy to a reader in Australia who could not get her own copy because of where she lives. But I must admit, how ever much I wanted to support Jeanne Devon in her effort to publish some form of truth about Sarah, had I been privy to information that Mr. Bailey 'might possibly' use my sale to promote the inhumane concept of forcing a woman to carry a fetus to term against her will, I would have gone to the trouble and expense of returning my two books to the states for a refund.

It matters where the money goes. The second one asks the public for money - it matters where the money goes. My parents boycotted products whose proceeds were meant to back Nazi organizations. I once boycotted a charity whose proceeds were meant to pay a Charles Manson attorney.

I am currently involved with attempting to reach SarahPAC donors who didn't understand their donations could be used for Sarah to take a 5-star vacation because it matters where the money goes.

Our causes define us. To think otherwise is incredibly naive.


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Jeanne and Shannyn just get more precious every day, don't they? I wonder what they charge for autographs.

Bailey is a creep. C-r-e-e-p. He fell in love with a bitch and happily ruined other peoples' lives for her. Buy his book secondhand, it's hardly a keeper.

dianedp said...

I don't like the fact that he is donating to these causes, but he made it clear that he is a Christian conservative in the front of the book.

I found that to be the most refreshing appeal of the book, one of sarah's own kind, knows she's a fraud, a liar and unethical.

I would not buy another book from him unless it was his story about palin, but I think the story is more important then what he does with the proceeds.

Karen said...

Sorry, I am still going to spread the word not to buy this book. I can't know what everyone does with profits but if I do know, then I will act.

Making an incest victim carry the baby, in the home of the perp most likely, is SICK.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Sarah's the one who's SICK...VERY SICK. Americans need to come to grips with that fact. I bought a hard copy of the book so I could underline her own damning words, and they are damning. She'll always be haunted by them. Bailey's book sets the Sarah record straight. Screw her self-serving revisionism.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't know what to think at this point about Jeanne or Shannon. I am about halfway through the book. There is really nothing so far that really proves how devious and vindictive she is. It may have been painfully UN-obvious to Frank Bailey but it all goes back to the fundamentalist christian viewpoint. When I was in that world all you had to do was say you were a christian and no one even thought about anything after that. You say it and it is so.

The very way Frank kept doing what he was doing proves it. I think that Frank was happy to do what he did without looking for facts (Wooten, etc). Say it and it is so.

That is what p*sses me off about the whole thing. I have yet to finish the book so I am not sure why Frank "woke up" and smelled the coffee, but the stuff he did prior to that was just plain wrong. I don't really think he cared. All he cared about was getting the queen in the White House because she is our modern day Esther - yuck!

I do care where my money goes. IF I thought he would contribute his shares to crazy things I probably would have skipped this book. I agree with the other post above - I thought his family needed it. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if he donated 10% as a tithe. That I would expect.

I guess that so far (other than Mitt Romney wanting her in office and now she is raining on his parade) there is nothing there that is shocking, all I see is someone who put their blinders on for his own gain. It was about his own self-worth wanting praise from two idiots (Todd & Sarah) who he worshipped. Anyone else would have realized she was mentally ill and out of her depth in the smart department.

Not sure how this relieves him of his guilt, but I am not him. I am surprised that he did tell his story since the christian arena doesn't really promote airing your dirty laundry and settling your problems spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I did want to clarify one thing. When I said the book doesn't prove or show anything she did that is shocking, I mean to me. However, if you needed to be told these things after experiencing the crazy you had to have your head in the sand. She is the mean girl we all went to school with. She is the the teacher's pet, but one that would talk about & make fun of that teacher behind their back. You know the type, she confides all her gossip with you and then goes right back to the person she gossiped about & tells them lies about you.

Just wait until Rebecca Mansour figures this out. There is another book in the making. I see her as someone who was never picked to be on their team in school so this has been the best thing that has ever happened to her. She feels special, which is just what the queen wants while it serves her purpose. Once it doesn't she will be dropped like a hot potato. Sarah will never mention her name again.

She is excellent (by all accounts - even to liberal democrats who have met her in person) at getting people to love her. She knows that by looking them in the eyes and making the person feel comfortable sucks you into her web. The best thing about her though is it doesn't take long to make you see that she is a complete fraud. Anyone who thinks that she cares about you or likes you needs a shrink!

sendlawyersgunsandmoney said...

Well, what an interesting battle in the liberal blog world. I appreciate all this information. I purchased the book, partly because of the co-author and her credentials. I also won't support projects that support causes against my beliefs, so I am a bit uncomfortable. I absolutely don't agree with Moore's thoughts on this, but we are all people, and I don't agree with on all things with anyone...not my wife, family, Obama...well, Gandhi comes close. I disagree with Philip on a few things, often on Israel (but not totally), but I still come to the site, and read his thoughts. I want independent thinkers giving me information, and I'll decide. I'm on his side in this "tiff", mostly because he is right.

Anonymous said...

I will not buy Bailey's book because I think he still has his nose as far up Sarah's skirt as he can get it.

Grandmaj said...

Bailey did not see the error of his ways until Palin threw him under the bus. At that point, he suddenly had a pang of conscience and decided to "repent" and then expose her. Nothing in the book was surprising to those of us who have followed the Alaska blogs. I discovered Phil, Gryphen and Jeanne in the fall of 2008 and most of what I know about Alaska politics I got from them. I am sorry I bought the book and would not recommend it to anyone. I am sorry Jeanne lent her name and reputation to the book. That's the only reason I bought it. Yes I care where the money I spend goes. Yes I know I cannot always control that, but when possible I support businesses and organizations that support causes I believe in.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Interesting that the most recent posters still think that Bailey is donating his profits to a charity that supports parental consent even for incest victims. IT WASN'T TRUE, PEOPLE. Get off of you sanctimonious high horses and stop sniping at each other. Geez, what a debacle!

It sure doesn't take much to start rumors. I thought we were better than the Urinal.

Anonymous said...

"who cares?" Where did Shannon say that? Was it who cares what Phil is trying to stir up or about Bailey's finances? Who did Geoff Dunn contribute to? Who will Joe McGinnis give his money to? Will Phil ask them? I doubt it. We don't have enough progressives to start a circular firing squad, Phil. I think Jeanne and Shannon have earned their stripes--as much as any other Alaskan based blog, if not more.

Anonymous said...

I am "diametrically" opposed to Bailey's "philosophy/belief" but I am proud that I bought two books and donated them. I want people who are in Palin's "camp" to read the book, journalists included. Where Bailey donates his money does not take away from the message, for me. If he did announce on television that he was donating to conservative causes, more conservatives will purchase/read the book. - When I was young, I was a bit "conservative". I think the book will be a first step for many "conservatives" to begin using critical thinking and not let "blind allegiance" hinder their self evolution. - If I "boycott" him, I would need to quit going to movies, listening to music; purchase food, clothes, electronics, pots and pans, cosmetics, vehicles, gasoline... I may as well go to another planet. - I do my best donating and supporting "my" causes like civil rights, clean air, no to Pebble Mine, gay rights, Pro-Choice, decent progressive candidates, etc. - Does purchasing this book enable the opposing causes? I don't know. I do know that churches also help good things in the community (homelessness, single parents, alcoholics, etc), and they (as a group) evolve too. My sister is Republican and is on a church board; they recently opened their doors to the gay community. - I'm not perfect, there is hope for all of us, if we don't "judge".

cuppajoe said...

So, I guess a lot of people believe that it would be better if the Bailey book had never been written. I disagree. An insider, for whatever reasons, finally sees clearly what a fraud Palin is, and he writes a book based on his own personal observations and first-hand involvement with her.

To me, such a book, if honestly written by that insider, means more than third-hand reports by others.

"The war" is the fight against Palin's influence, lies, and power with the expectation that she will never become president of the United States or grow more powerful with the teabaggers and GOP.

This singular and particularly virulent "battle" about Bailey's earnings, based on rumors, distracts from the real war, which, to me, is to spread the word against Palin. Each of us has to figure out our own priorities. Don't lose sight of the war against Palin while sniping over unsubstantiated rumors about the author's use of his earnings.

We all need to keep our eyes on the prize, which is to elect competent, bright, accomplished and progressive people to govern us, and keep Palin out of office. I appreciate that this book is out there to be read and considered against the lies that come forth in support of Palin. I have a lot of trouble understanding that it would have been better to some of you if the book had never been written.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about where Frank Bailey donates his money. He probably didn't make any after the total flop of his book-it stands at No. 71 on the USA Today's Bestsellers list.

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought the book, still thinking about it. At the moment, I'm sick to death of Palin and prefer to read about more enjoyable subjects. Bailey's book has important information in it, that hopefully will change some Palin fans' minds. That being said, I really do not care who Baily donates to. It's his money, his business. I've always thought people who only do business with people who think like them are very short sighted. I spend my money in stores where the owners are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or nothing. I am sure they donate to causes that I may not support. I don't give a damn. I have my own charities that are important to ME, and do not want people boycotting my business because they don't like something I donate to. I also have no idea who my favorite authors donate to, and don't have any intention in trying to find out. If you're so concerned about this, then donate money to NARAL or Planned Parenthood. Both could use the money.

crystalwolflady said...

Aussie blue Sky-lolz! So true.
I bought the kindle book (In spite of seeing the poorly written manuscript) and after reading the Very unprofessional forward I was wanting to return it. Then I thought well at least I can tweet it out for those people who DON'T know about SP and they might pick up the book...I was instantly attacked by AKM's attack dog Snoz for tweeting it! WTF? AKM & Shannyn two snarky bitches from Alaska!
We Do CARE SHANNYN! Go back to reading your "Tea leaves"!
Phil your blog is the first AK blog I found and it is the last one b/c you seem to be the only Alaskan blogger with any integrity!

crystalwolflady said...

And another thing, why did AKM write a book with the "AmericanTaliban"?
That says alot about HER judgment and along with the BS they said about Joe McGinnis in the this that Bailey is going to donate the "Proceeds" to the anti-rape/incest bill in AK... I will not promote this book in any way.
They are a bunch of unprofessional dumbasses who want to make a buck. Period.
They are on the grifter bus like palin they are the same as her.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I see the Left BOTS are alive and well and would run screaming if Bailey 'told you' where to donate to. They scream and call the 'right Bots' name but in fact no different. Disgraceful, very revealing and the fact that PA had no 'facts' tell you even more.

The 'true' characteristics of a number of posters at the Flats, IM, Palingates, etc. are showing and it's not pretty to see. Hypocrites.

A number I see that want the 'truth' out there about Palin - they got a book inclusive of info we will never see from FOIA and now they spew the hate.

Tells me who I will comment or respond to. I don't like or associate with two-faced hypocrites who've been hiding behind their mask but the mask has been torn away to reveal the 'real' Bots who call the 'right' Palibans.

Pot -- meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Good going Phil. Congrats for putting bullshit out there and add the truth at the end as an update.

You - who have shit on the other bloggers a number of times because 'you' didn't like it. They didn't do enough according to you.

I don't blame Devon for ignoring you.

Pot - meet Kettle.

You didn't read the book - didn't fact check. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

money is money. A guy can take book proceeds and buy groceries. That lets the same guy use his wages for something else, like a favorite cause.

So regardless of what Bailey says he'll do with the book proceeds, some of the money could directly or indirectly fund one of Bailey's favorite causes.

If Bailey's likely favorite cause is distasteful to you, don't buy the book.

Now, it's also possible that Bailey's perspective on his years with Sarah Palin is tainted by complications with his religion and his favorite causes. Most people have a slant to their views and Bailey is no exception. You can read his book and make up your own mind about how bad his slant is. Or you can blow off the book because you suspect the slant is too great to tolerate.

But, the above applies to ANY author and book you purchase/read. Bailey is not a special case.

crystalwolflady said...

@anon 9:13 9:25 9:37 Pot meet kettle.
So Brave behind your ANON!
Is that you Shannyn, AKM or one of your mudcult?
Glad Phil is on top of the truth about certain Alaskans, like the ones who voted for Sarah Palin b/c she would be easier to beat and like the mudflats and Shannyn telling people to vote for Teabagger Joe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil,

Gotta say I'm kind of surprised at this posting. Have followed you for a while and have a great amount of respect for you. That isn't changing, but irregardless if Bailey is donating profits from this book to these causes or not, I just don't get the supposed outrage.

What did Hunter Thompson do with his profits? Maybe he bought more guns, more speed, more coke, hookers? Maybe he put in for life membership with the NRA. I won't go as far as to say "Who cares?" but I just don't really see the logic in intimating that people who oppose Bailey's causes, or what he is ostensibly doing with his profits, shouldn't buy the book cuz that then is helping those causes.

Where does one draw the line really? It just seems crazy.

I haven't read the book. I did ask Jeanne three questions on the FDL book salon, and they got answered (sort of) right toward the end. I don't think I'll be buying the book, but not because of what Bailey may or may not do with the profits. Just nothing more I need to know about Sarah really, or how she ran her administration.

I do think these internecine progressive blogger deals are not good for anyone. They just come across wrong to me. All well and good to ask questions and expect answers and all, but sheesh what is the value in starting something whereby folks then trash other progressive bloggers? Or in bringing up long-past things you didn't agree with?


Anonymous said...

Just want to voice my support for you. You brought up a valid concern. Just because people want to support Jeanne, doesn't make your concern any less valid.

I myself couldn't bring myself to buy the book. First if Bailey really wanted to expose Sarah, he would have released ALL the emails that he had. Even if he had to use something like wikileaks to do it. Instead he chose to profit off of a book!

Jeanne has had access to those emails for years now. Where are the emails? Why have they not been released?

Secondly his interviews were a complete turn off. He still sounds like he loves her to me. Like he holds out hope she'll "see the light" someday.

We are not bots! We all have our own individual opinions and can voice them without it being personal! Just because we don't all march in line when it comes to anything Sarah, doesn't make us hypocrites! Duh!

Yes I often CHOOSE not to give money knowingly to causes I don't support! That is my right, just as it's your right to buy the book to support Jeanne. I can choose to donate to Mudflats instead of giving a dime to Frank Bailey!

Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

If Sarah gets into office she'll work against freedom of choice so getting a wider readership of Bailey's book is necessary. This controversy is helping to publicize it and that's good.

clark said...

the part i never quite got -- why didn't devon write a book by herself? even if it were just a collection of her previous writings about palin, a lot of which were pretty good; some even precious. why did she think she needed to tag along with bailey's project? was that ever going to work out well?

Anonymous said...

Phil, I'll put my two cents in here too. I appreciate learning that Bailey intends to donate money from the sale of the book to support anti-woman, anti-progressive causes. I think it is entirely appropriate for you to raise these questions, based on the information that you received. It is chilling, literally and figuratively, to see that fellow-bloggers are attacking you for having raised this question. They do not show themselves in a good light, IMO.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

It's my firm belief that, had Palin not quit her job, Bailey would have still been right there beside her, ruining more lives of good, innocent people like Walt Monegan. Bailey will never get a cent from me.

Neither will Joe McGinniss ever get a cent from me that he might spend buying a drink for his long-term close friend Roger Ailes.

I can get any book I want secondhand from, usually the day after the publication date. I don't do Amazon any more after they defended their right to sell a guide to pedophilia (before they were against it).

Anonymous said...

Now everyone throws their hat in the ring behind Joe McGinniss. "We're waiting on THAT book, they say."

It seems that many that were eagerly awaiting any of these Palin critical tomes have been disappointed in one way or another. They build them up to be the end all, be all piece of literature that will "take her down", but when that doesn't happen they have buyer's remorse and then move on to wait in hopeful anticipation for the next book to roll off the presses.

Many of them have forgotten how disappointed they are in Joe Mc for being a "Trignostic". When Joe's book comes out there are bound to be many arguments regarding why Joe won't touch Babygate, why did Joe do this or that, did you hear that Joe donates to money to so and so's campaign that we don't agree with.

There's a collective consciousness on the Anti Palin boards that at times seems to take over and create a virtual "mob scene". Many of the people that comment on these blogs seem to not have a personal opinion but rely on the "flow of the conversation" to actually form their opinions. I hear the bleating sounds of "Sheeple" when I read many of the comment sections; no different than the Sheeple at c4p; a "flash mob" attitude of anger and adherence to whatever the "meme of the day" is. No one seems to be thinking independently, but just jumping on the latest bandwagon.

Phil, you have an opinion, and you stand by it and you are never to afraid to share it. You are never cowed by the masses that might not agree with you, and that is admirable. Others might learn a lesson or two from reading your posts.

Many of these commenters will not be happy with any journalistic effort. Each and every person has an individual agenda and I guess that's what makes the world go 'round.

Philip Munger said...

Tnanks for all the informed comments.

More coming on this. I'm less comfortable with Bailey and this book today than I was Sunday, when this came up.

Anonymous said...

After reading Phil Munger's most recent comment on this topic...

"Thanks for all the informed comments.

More coming on this. I'm less comfortable with Bailey and this book today than I was Sunday, when this came up."

I think Phil must have dismissed my original comment, which was foolish on his part. My original comment was easy to understand...

"I think Phil needs to find a good therapist, he's got an unhealthy obsession with Frank Baily and he's a burden to others."

Phil, please pay attention, you should not feel less comfortable with Frank Baily and his book today. In fact, you should not feel anything at all about Frank Baily or his book because he is not at fault here. You are the person at fault here, Phil. You are to blame for the mess you created. Phil, you should feel ashamed of the way you behaved Sunday. You hijacked the book Salon interview at FDL and used it as a personal platform to deceive others! These people had a genuine interest in chatting with Blind Allegiance co-author Jeanne Devon. You interfered with this process because you had your own agenda. You intentionally deceived others by making false accusations about Frank Baily, who was not there to defend himself, leaving Jeanne Devon solely responsible for the fall out from the mess you created. Your actions were irresponsible and hurtful not only to the innocent participants, but to the many readers who will later view the archived interview.

Phil, you should feel remorse for your actions. You are doing more harm than good. Since you obviously failed to see this, I will suggest once again, please find a good therapist. You're behaving like Sarah Palin. That's not a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you raised some points for discussion and answered a question I had of why your blog was not listed in the list of Alaska blogs at the Mudflats. Personally I have Palin fatigue and was elated to learn of the new residence in AZ, though my friends living 7 minutes away from the compound are less than estatic. An entire cottage industry has evolved around S.P. I enjoy checking in at your blog now and then to follow the progress in the garden and read of things not of Palin. BTW, I did buy the book. Skimmed a few pages. Now it sits gathering dust. I'm in Anchorage and can send it to you, but it is summer and time to be outdoors. We have all heard her speak, the emails are no less mind numbing. Hope the blogger kerfuffle dies down and everyone can play nice while discussing differences of opinion. Of course where money is involved....and lots of people are making money off reality show spinoffs from all things connected to Palin. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

crystalwolflady said...

@anon 9:13 9:25 9:37 Pot meet kettle.
So Brave behind your ANON!
Is that you Shannyn, AKM or one of your mudcult?
Hahahaha at mudcult. That was good, and also why I stopped going there. Well, to be honest, I heard "also too" one fluffing time too many.