Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Gardens and Woods React to Moisture and Cool Days

A Rhubarb flower cluster emerging. We cut them off, but they are fascinating to study, as they grow so incredibly quickly.

Chive flowers, in an impressionist framing:

Native Alaskan columbine, from starters we got across the lake. They're spreading and hybridizing.

Judy's pride - the Lewisia Tweedyi. It has been thriving for over ten years.

Native wild rose buds, on the verge of blooming. One sunny day will do it.

Fern fiddleheads. These were transplanted from the Talkeetnas fifteen years ago. They ripen slowly, but become huge.

Eric and I built new steps down to the beach bulkhead. There had been a ramp there for 15 years, and it was holding up, but these will be far safer, especially when it is wet or icy.

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Grandmaj said...

I always enjoy the pictures from your garden.