Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three Americans Obama Wants to Send to Prison for Delivering Letters to Imprisoned Kids - Part One

The 2011 Gaza flotilla is struggling against the tides of Israeli and American pressure to keep public awareness of the biggest prison camp since the siege of Leningrad out of the public eye. Obama has threatened to imprison any American who participates in an effort to deliver letters of support to Gazan Palestinians, and has stated, through his State Department mouthpieces, that if the Israelis kill them, it will be just like last year - tough fucking shit.

Here are the first three Americans I'll present to you, who are willing to put their futures on the line to support Palestinian freedom.

Ridgely Fuller:

Henry Norr:

Richard Levy:

It is quite obvious that Obama needs to make an example out of these terrible people. I'll show you more of these supporters of terrorism over the next few days.

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