Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Hands Across the Sand in Anchorage Saturday

From Lindsay Hajduk:

Citizens of Anchorage to Participate in Nationwide Gathering Against

Offshore Drilling

Over 75 People to Join Hands at Point Woronzof

WHAT: Local "Hands Across The Sand" gathering in solidarity with events around the world to raise awareness about the dangers of offshore drilling and call on leaders to end our oil addiction and move America into a clean energy future. There will be a outdoor gathering at Point Woronzof to call for clean energy now. Last year’s event had over 130 people in attendance.

WHO: Over 50 Anchorage-area residents are expected to attend, with press statements at 11:30am by:

§ Mae Hank, Native Village of Point Hope tribal member

§ Kate McKeown, Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Alaska Conservation Alliance

WHEN: Saturday, June 26, event goes from 11am-1pm with BBQ and info booths

11:30 press event, noon joining hands at the beach

WHERE: Point Woronzof park - Continue West on Northern Lights Blvd. and meet up with the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail (mile post 3.5) near the Ted Stevens International Airport. Parking is available. See the Google Map

***GREAT VISUALS INCLUDING A LARGE GROUP OF CITIZENS JOINING HANDS ON THE BEACH, SIGNS, AND BIODEISEL BUS. Another group will gather at Westchester Lagoon’s Covy Cafe at 11AM and bike ride to Point Woronzof***


Anonymous said...

If this isn't the most boring and useless event of the year what is?

Anonymous said...

The information indicates "Parking Available".

What, why would individuals wanting to end use of fossil fuels need to park vehicles using such fuels?