Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congressmen Sue Obama - and a New PA Poll on the Constitutionality of the Libya War

I. I wish more so-called Alaska progressive bloggers would seriously engage in issues like the torture of Bradley Manning, the growth of anti-Democratic tendencies in the realm of personal liberties under Obama, the betrayal under the current president of Alaska Natives' aspirations in terms of getting fish into our rivers, and Obama's overtly obvious obsiquiousness from spring 2010 until the present, to companies like British Petroleum, for instance. Or the lack of action by this administration against those who have all but brought our economy to its knees, as he seems to choose to instead coddle and promote some of their most questionable advocates.


A post on Bristol's face job will get you 150 comments and a paypal donation or two. Fukushima concerns about the health of Alaskans get you jack shit.

A post on whether or not Todd is stepping out might get one 200 comments and a few paypal donations. Reporting on Palestinian rights from Alaska gets one disinvited to a lot of things. And a more than a few hate comments.

Raving about the importance of a third-rate book by a guy who would most likely still be a hitman for Palin had he not gotten too close to her voracious tire treads, will get you hundreds of "attaboy, Frank!" comments and a dozen paypal contributions. Asking questions about Bailey and where he's coming from or going to, gets you unfriended, untwittered and blocked from access to the information stream of people who tout themselves as being among Alaska's leading supporters of transparency and full internet access.

II. Arguably, the most progressive member of our U.S. Congress is Dennis Kucinich. (Donna Edwards may be on her way to go beyond him. I would support a Donna Edwards draft against Obama in the 2012 primaries, but she's too sensible to go there.) He's at least as anti-war as I am, and is consistent, whether the occupant of the White House is a Shrub or an Obama.

He's gathered some other U.S. House members together in a lawsuit against Obama. It probably won't get further than a pickoff play between first and second base, but it is - at least on Kucinich's part - the epitome of a legislator's effort to help retain what once was a system of government with three equal branches.

What do you think? Is this Libya War constitutional or not? You can vote on it here:

Is Obama's continuing pursuit of the Libya War constitutional? - yes or no.


Anonymous said...

OzMud here -

Speaking only for myself I can reasonably answer you with a flippant "because it's easy". I'm sure you're looking for something more profound but the simple truth is, when it comes to engaging in public debate it's - for me - safe to comment on the daily drama of Sarah Palin. Her BS is a topic in which I can comfortably converse as I have a lifetime of personal experiences to back my opinions about this sad little woman.

I read weekly, and with great interest, your pieces on all things political. This includes your stance on Palestine, Pres. Obama, the nuclear calamity unfolding in Fukushima, the Wikileaks leaks and finally, the tragic account of Bradley Manning.

But I seldom comment on these issues because I do not feel I have the knowledge or background to make an intelligent, informed, contributory comment.

I was one of thousands of young mothers who actively fought against the building of nuclear power plants back in the 70's. The plants were built anyway. The arguements of 'but they're safe 90% of the time' always seemed to win out over the reality that it only takes one accident to forever scar a landscape and its inhabitants.

I voted for Pres. Obama because the government is in a huge mess and he seemed like the most informed, educated diplomat on the ballot. I hoped he would be as wise as he appeared and make decisions about my children's future carefully and with great forethought. And I hoped he would stand up to our enemies.

But I am not personally qualified to second guess each of his decisions now that he's in office and these, then, are nothing more than my personal opinions:

I am not privy to the information my president is surely presented on a dailyh basis. I do not sit in on the meetings he has with foreign diplomats, scientists and kings and cannot begin to imagine how one person can sift through all those differeing points of view and walk away sane at the end of the day.

I do not possess the wisdom needed to solve the problems of Libya, Palestine and Isreal. I can only trust that the people we elected, will at least try to do what's best and right for the majority of those involved.

I -vehemently- reject the concept of torture for any reason, in any form and admire your passion for seeking justice for Bradley Manning. But I simply do not have the facts necessary (nor do I trust everything I read) to make an informed comment.

Don't stop writing about the non-Palin events of our world. Just because we're quiet doesn't mean you don't have our attention :)

Philip Munger said...

Thanks so much, OzMud

Anonymous said...

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flying fish said...

OzMud said it well, but I wanted to add my thanks to you for continuing to write about the difficult topics.

Anonymous said...

@3:00 a.m. -I'll speak as an American woman: if some guys in the USA want to boycott me, that's fine. I'm actually sick of getting attention from American men. I had 15 marriage proposals, was raped, have been stalked, & my house was broken into by a "romantic" ex. So yeah, boycott me. I've had enough. Plus, I'm happily married.

On the topic of serious politics, pls. keep posting, Phil. Getting hits on a story cannot be judged by the mere comment tally. Just because advertisers use that model doesn't mean it's accurate.

KaJo said...

"...but it is - at least on Kucinich's part - the epitome of a legislator's effort to help retain what once was a system of government with three equal branches."

Might I lament here on what the Judicial branch of our government has become, with the bought-and-paid-for 5 "conservative" activist Justices making a mockery of the Rule of Law?

Perhaps Rep. Kucinich could take up where his disgraced peer former Rep. Weiner left off, seeking the impeachment of Clarence Thomas?

(then maybe an apolitical SCOTUS might overturn its own Citizens United decision)

And perhaps Rep. Kucinich could make it his life's work to garner enough support to promote overdue Congressional rules changes, and give House support to honest Senators seeking to improve Senate rules -- and to put forth a bill reforming campaign contribution rules.

I get tired of folks in positions of power and responsibility wasting time and money tilting at idealistic windmills while the incremental changes that need to be made to roll back the 30-year trashing of our "way of life" by Dominionist totalitarians gets swept off to the side as too insignificant or not as media-attractive.

A member of his own party suing the President is like maiming oneself, or lighting oneself on fire, to make a point. This isn't the first time Dennis Kucinich has done that, figuratively speaking.

clark said...

was hopeful that robert reich's video about the U.S. economy got a little traction yesterday. another issue that should be near the top of everybody's list of concerns, but just isn't.

clark said...

near a million views.
i guess that's something.

Philip Munger said...


I was going to post Reich but got caught up in our coal battle up here and getting ready to teach summer school, beginning Thursday.

Hope to get around to it.