Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shailey Tripp (cryptically) - "I would love to have a private chat with Frank Bailey someday"

Shailey Tripp may have burst a bombshell today, and, as a result, she probably needs a lot of protection, because her statement today at her blog has the ring of truth:
To put it simply Todd Palin along with other people recruit and groom men and women to be prostitutes. These prostitutes are eventually given positions inside a company and used to secure business deals. These business deals often involve obtaining military and government contracts. The people who use the prositution services are usually in positions of power.

I have witnessed this first hand and am speaking from my own personal experiences.

You may choose to believe me or choose not to.I simply do not care at this point. I used to think Sarah Palin knew nothing of these kinds of things but I've had a year to think it over very carefully, and I am now convinced Sarah Palin not only knew of these actions but went through great lengths to cover it up. I even go so far as to say I would bet the men involved around Sarah Palin's political career were offered to be treated to these kinds of prostitution services.
Tripp goes on:
I would love to have a private chat with Frank Bailey someday.
I have no idea what that means, but it seems to imply Bailey knows a lot of what Tripp knows about the way this works. I'd like to hear more.

Tripp does provide more on how some of what she alleges goes on, works:
The way this is done is clever and very very hard to prosecute in a court of law. Phones, disposable numbers, computers, and databases are kept of clients needs, sexual preferences, lengths of sessions, contact info and any personal info they may disclose during a session.Sometimes sessions are even taped. Sometimes the buildings of where these sessions are offered are also taped and i don;t mean by law enforcement. Federal employees and military employees know of these services and often use them in sealing a deal. These prostitutes are recruited from all over the U.S. and taken overseas or brought in on planes around the country.
Be very careful Shailey.

hat tip - Jesse Griffin


ja.thought said...

I have no reason not to believe Shailey. I hope shy finds a good attorney. There will be a large effort to silence and marginalize her.

Anonymous said...

Well if anything happens to Shailey, we'll know why! No wonder Sarah & Todd are being so quiet. Their marriage is a sham and they are busy plotting another big "distraction". Apparently that's all they have left in common. Todd wouldn't want to kill the goo$e that laid the golden egg....not yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is smart of Shailey to get this information out into the public. If she remained quiet, and something happened to her, who would know? No one would have suspected a thing. Now that the information is out there, if something were to happen to her, the finger would be pointed straight at Todd and Sarah. Well played Shailey. Well played.

dmoreno56 said...

Who is going to call Frank for a comment??????????

Daisydem said...

Wonder if the email (on Crivella or using my mouse, I can't seem to copy and paste, so please go to the email) dated October 18, 2007 from Todd to Frank Bailey and Kristina Perry, with a reply back from Frank Bailey to Todd and Kristina; SUBJECT: Address Book (Todd's address book is missing) would have anything to do with his hobby?

Daisydem said...

Todd Palin changed his email address on September 17, 2008 (of course right after the selection of SP as VP candidate). This is from an email conversation back and forth with two people on September 17, 2008. Google Todd Palin address book.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see Frank's reaction to that. Would his ironic high-horse still be in place? Or did he have any place in this sordid business?

Todd a pimp who occasionally sampled product? Got to admit it's hard to wrap one's mind around but I don't disbelieve it.

Sadly, I could see the Palin's engage in the skin trade, they are Free Market monsters after all.

getalife said...

I always thought it was interesting that the APD and Palin both denied that Todd was involved in a "prostitution ring" when all the rumors were just about him frequenting a prostitute not about prostitution ring or about him basically being a pimp. It sounds like they told on themselves.

Maybe this was the secret to her success in AK at one time. I think if tapes were made of the encounters, the whole ring was a way of blackmailing people to get what she wanted. She didn't actually have the brains or skill to be a politician, but she did have the talent of threats, manipulation, blackmailing and getting away with all kinds of things.

I can also see the Frank Bailey connection since he was the "hatchet man". He could have been the middle man in blackmailing these folks. That way Todd & Sarah's hands were clean. This may also explain why she wanted all the private yahoo accounts. To handle these backroom (or bedroom)deals.

Gles said...

I had been following Claire McCaskill's investigation into the no-bid Native Alaskan contracts. What an eye opener.

This no-bid ANC came to light to me during the Katrina debacle with GW Bush. It seemed so bazaar at the time to use far away Alaska.

I expect to shortly be hearing the name of Uncle Ted thrown around as the head pimp. And now let's not forget about Tom DeLay and his famous dossiers on Congress.

This goes deep....most likely to McCain also. God speed Shailey Tripp and Gryphen.

hedgewytch said...

Makes me wonder if Allen's name will come up again in regards to this issue.

Remember that whole investigation debacle concerning underage girls and prostitution?

Anonymous said...

Lt. Dave Parker of the APD admits lies regarding Shailey Tripp: