Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Are the People of Craig Leery of Sen. Albert Kookesh?

As reported by Sean Cockerham, for the Anchorage Daily News, Sen. Albert Kookesh may be in ethics hot water with his Alaska legislative colleagues.

One commenter at the ADN site, wrote, "tip of the iceberg..."

Fisheries writer Stephen Taufen might agree. He has written to both Sen. Kookesh and to Rep. Bill Thomas, the following:

Dear Senator Kookesh and Rep. Thomas:

Hello Al and Bill, I hope the current session is running fast and furious on resource equitable distribution issues and you are able to contribute to our state. However, the timber issue concerning Craig is of importance today.

Can you please write out individual affidavits for submittal through Groundswell to forward to friends in the IRS International and Criminal divisions that you are fully unaware of any underpricing of exported timber to foreign-controlled corporations, any "product laundering" using the illicit accounting techniques of ABUSIVE TRANSFER PRICING to evade US taxes, and assurances that the full global books of Sealaska will be made available for public inspection by the State Dept. of Revenue, AG office and others concerned about whether or not Alaskans are getting a fair price for timber?

For the sake of Sealaska shareholders, please, your strongest reassurances are needed to avoid any confusion with transnational tax evaders and racketeers. Otherwise, Groundswell will have to go forward only on its evidence so far that verifies such illegal practices occurred in the past - and there is no reason to believe Sealaska and others have changed those practices and cleaned up the corruption within.

We await your immediate reply.

Thank you for your fullest cooperation.

Stephen Taufen - Groundswell Fisheries Movement

[note - Groundswell Fisheries sent copies of this letter to - among other parties - Senator Johnny Ellis, Rep. Paul Seaton, Rep. Mike Doogan, Rep. Beth Kerttula, and Rep. Gary Stevens.]


Diane said...

You are too generous Stephen.

Belle said...

In your title - did you mean "leery?"

flying fish said...

Thanks, I needed to read that. It's been a crap week for keeping the faith.