Friday, January 22, 2010

Rep. Alan Grayson Introduced Legislation in Anticipation the Worst Supreme Court Decision Since Dred Scott

The Mudflats has a great post up that features statements by Alaska legislators and by Sen. Mark Begich on yesterday's "overturning of 133 years of settled law," in Grayson's words.

Here's Rep. Grayson earlier in the week, questioning economists on executive bonuses at firms like AIG:


Anonymous said...

So we have a hack TV reporter who spouts partisan political points and is paid by corporate giants GE (proud owners of Leftist MSNBC) moaning about free speech and corporations to a hack politician who wanted to jail a blogger. Ummm, sounds good to me !

Anonymous said...

Considering President Obama's anger over this ruling, I think law blogger Ann Althouse (who voted for Obama) has a good point...

"The President was a law professor — technically, a "senior lecturer" at the University of Chicago Law School — for 12 years. Why would a law professor oppose a Supreme Court decision on a matter of constitutional law and not respect the authority of the Court and honor our system of separation of powers? "

Anonymous said...

"Just hours after Jon Stewart’s sharply observant takedown of Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment segments, the Countdown host launched into a diatribe that made Stewart’s segment look like a love letter. In railing against yesterday’s hotly debated Supreme Court decision, he effectively said it was worse than slavery, and compared Floyd Abrams, who is Jewish, to a Nazi.

Is Keith losing it?"

Who said that ? Rush ? O'Reilly ? Nope, the quote is from lefty blogger Tommy Christopher. Even the Left is becoming uncomfortable with Olbermann's increasingly vile comments.