Friday, January 1, 2010

Lift the Siege of Gaza Rally in Anchorage Saturday


When: Saturday January 2, 2010 – noon to 1 p.m.

New Seward Hwy. between Benson & Northern Lights

Alaskans for Palestine in solidarity with The International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza will hold a rally in support of the Gaza Freedom March on Saturday, January 2nd from noon until 1:00 at the corner of New Seward and Benson or Northern Lights.

On December 31, 2009, more than 1,300 citizens from across the world will join with an estimated 50,000 Palestinians in a peaceful march to the Erez border crossing into Israel. This historic non-violent action has been organized by The International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza. Its objective is to draw international attention to the siege and blockade of Gaza, which are illegal under international law. The Gaza Strip has been subject to Israeli control since the end of the Six-Day War in 1967. Although all the settlements were vacated and the Israeli Defense Forces withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Gaza’s land and sea borders remained tightly controlled by the Israeli government. The blockade has caused immense suffering among Gaza’s 1.5 million citizens.

Alaskans for Palestine stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza.

It is vital that this act of non-violent resistance be told around the entire world. It is time that the people of the United States understand our government’s role in promoting Israel’s violations of the international humanitarian laws.

[from a press release by Alaskans for Palestine]

Here is video from a rally yesterday - December 31st - in Boston:

Here is Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, discussing the Freedom March activities, at the UN's New York City HQ, on December 17th:

And here is Democracy Now's coverage of the Egyptian government's attempts to thwart marchers from Cairo, on December 30th:


Anonymous said...

Isn't the Code Pink traitor the same woman who prefers the Taliban to the US Military ?

Aren't these wonderful Palestinians the same people who danced in the streets on hearing the news that 3,000 human beings had been incinerated on 9/11? Nice people the Left chose as their friends.

If there's such a big deal siege how come Hamas manage to smuggle in thousands of rockets and other weapons?

Perhaps when the Palestinans reject the genocidal policies of Hamas their lives might get better. We wouldn't expect European Nazis to be treated as victims so why are Hamas treated as such ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the picture of Hamas thugs giving their Seig Heil salutes ?
Where's the pictures of Israeli kids running for bomb shelters to hide from the thousands of rockets fired by Islamic terrorists at Israel ?

Phil Smith said...

Supporting the Free Gaza movement is the only thing people of conscience can do. Here in Juneau, last Thursday, Juneau People for Peace and Justice and Veterans for Peace sponsored a rally in front of the Capitol. About 30+ brave souls showed up in bitter cold (made more frigid by Taku winds). The siege is wrong, the U.S. indirect support of the siege is wrong, and peope who feel so are obligatged to say so. One reason Vets for Peace supported it is that the Gaza march was dedicated entirely to non-violence (got that Anons @10:07 and 10:21?).

mcdopemine said...

Wish I could be there.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

To Annonymous 10:07 and 10:21, you aren't going to see anything on here or any other left leaning site from Alaska or any other part of the world that shows what is wrong with the other side.
I sat and listened to the blonde bimbo, Shannyn Moore, Saturday on her "talk show" and one of her callers said the Arabs, I refuse to call them Palestinians (no such thing) had every right in the world to fire those rockets down on the non-military citizens of Israel. Moore sat there like she usually does during that conversation and babbled about how she is only wanting peace or is that a piece? Her lead in to for the topic started with how she didn't put a tree right away and her daughter decided to be Jewish blah blah transparent of you Ms. Moore.
This blog uses anything concerning the Jews as propaganda just as the Third Reich used the same to march men, women and children off to camps over 60 years ago.
Ain't no use in trying to figure them out. And you aren't going to win by using a pen...winning and survival always comes down to one thing.