Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 35 - Palin's Facebook Encourages Contempt of a Court Proceeding

Today, Sarah Palin's Facebook page endorsed a move headed by her former hairdresser and a quickly fading Anchorage right-wing talk show host, to call two Alaska judges, in hopes of influencing a civil proceeding underway, involving Palin's daughter.

The request is inappropriate. Depending upon what transpires when this "protest" begins at noon Alaska time on Thursday, it could also lead to incidents of civil or criminal contempt of court.

This is a fairly serious matter.

I believe the issue was first raised very early today by Linda Kellen Beigel, at
Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis. The high-traffic anti-Palin blogs Palingates and Bree Palin picked up on it, followed by Alaska blogger AKM, at The Mudflats, who also posted an essay on this at Huffington Post. The Alaska Dispatch is running a short item on it, linking to some of the above cited bloggers. The odds of the Anchorage Daily News, KTUU-TV or Alaska Public Radio Network taking this on are probably about even.

Here's a screen shot taken earlier today, of Palin's Facebook post, appearing to be encouraging people to harass these judges:
Palin has gotten in trouble in the past for meddling in court affairs. I doubt she will in this case, but her inappropriate endorsement of highly unethical court case tampering is just the latest example of how ethically challenged she truly is.

image of facebook page - Palingates


Anonymous said...

Palin's three ring circus just keeps getting more and more entertaining. She's a tabloid dream!

Bible Spice keeps pushing her luck with the courts and it will soon run out. Those pesky ethics complaints are also going to catch up with ex-governor-grifter. And babygate, also, too.

Anonymous said...

Thugs. That's who the Heath's and the Palin's are, contemptable thugs.

Of course she would encourage derision of law & order, they have nothing better to do but poke their noses in her business.

Anonymous said...

"Both have been accused of activist liberal rulings prior..."

eeueh! They've been accused! That must mean they're guilty. No one but the guilty are ever accused.

Palin and followers must think ruling in a way with which they disagree is in itself evidence of politicization. Then they react by attempting to apply political pressure. These people really don't understand the basics of American government.


Nancy said...

I believe that's a Facebook page of one (or more) of her supporters, not SP herself.

The name of this "group" is “Barracuda Brigade for Our American Girl! 2012″ or something like that. And that's why I believe it's a supporter.

However, if she doesn't express disapproval of what they suggest, it will be perceived as condoning it.

Just sayin'

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Money sucking Scarah does not care about anything, as long as she's not busted. In her mind Controversy is her money baby. That is the only reason she is where she is today.

Controversy Baby Controversy

It sells. It works for her, eh?

I'm waiting for poetic justice to bite her in the rear.

Mona said...

Phil, that's not Palin's Facebook page. At least, not her official page.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the information you post about this woman. I have been following this blog for a long time. Sarah Palin does lie and I am glad you continue to point this out. She is incredibly mean, in my opinion, and encourages it in her followers. Bet she thinks everyone in Texas loves her. Well they don't. Sally--Garland,TX

Anonymous said...

The link to "Barracuda whatever" was posted in three different places on her official page this evening. I reported it three times. She is disgusting. Sally-Garland TX

Anonymous said...

Is Kellen-Beigel the ultimate worry troll, or what ?

sauerkraut said...

Your last line more properly describes this act of harassing judges than does your article title.

The advocated action is matter of tampering in a court case instead of contempt. Contempt is what happens inside the courtroom; this is essentially an attempt by idiots with no standing in the custody case to unduly influence the rulings of the judges in the pending case.

Sarah Palin's fans are calling for the harassment of the judges. These people are NOT "judicial activists." These people are domestic terrorists. It is one thing to disagree with a particular ruling (there are rules which allow for appeals thru the utilization of appropriate avenues) but it is quite another to target individual judges.

Quite frankly, people who harass, threaten and harm judges are people who are not lovers of America and the American way. Follow the rules, people. Targeting judges is criminal.

sauerkraut said...

To Anon @ 5:16: if there is anyone who has intimate knowledge of what it takes to be a troll, you, sir, are that person.

Philip Munger said...

According to Palingates, the screenshot was taken of Palin's facebook page, not some other facebook page.

LisanTX said...

Hi Sally in Garland, TX; I'm west of you a little. I see ALOT of Texans who love Palin, but not all.

Most of the Texans who love her are not "high information" level of voters/citizens.

Phil is giving us information and we can pass it on. This particular event is serious. As an attorney, I'm really troubled by it; it is very disrespectful of the judiciary.

As sauerkraut mentioned, it's not the American way. We're obviously not doing a good job of educating people about our system of government and how to interact with it.

Artemusg said...

Insurrection against government officials usually doesn't turn out well. Let's hope the instigators are courageous (or stupid) enough to be up front leading the charges. Judges have all of the legal authority they need to see that their rulings are carried out.

Anonymous said...

Kari Kristiansen was appointed by Murkowski, not Knowles.

Mark Regan

Anonymous said...

if that was from Palin's facebook page...it has been scrubbed...

Nan said...

I read that there is a link or three to that page - *on* Palin's facebook page, but can't seem to find it myself. You can also run a search on Facebook for the Barracuda-whatever page, and it does come up. Check "events" when you get there, that page pops right up.

Anonymous said...

"Racist" on his shirt is spelled "rascist". Geniuses.

regina said...


The Facebook page in the picture is the "event" page, posted by Barracuda Brigade. There is another picture that shows the link to this event posted on Sarah Palin's official page, where it remains, unchallenged and unmoderated.

Although the event didn't appear on her official Facebook page, the fact that the link to it was posted there and allowed to stay, it means Sarah Palin condones this protest. She's responsible for everything that's posted on her only official platform, isn't she?

It can get very confusing because all her fan pages use Sarah Palin's picture.

Anonymous said...

Great site! I've added you to all the other antiSarah sites in bookmarks. Plan to visit more often.
I really like the increase of posts on this horrible woman who was forced upon us by John McCain. To me, he is directly responsible for all bat shit craziness that's come out since the campaign last year. Him and Palin both. SHE is truly a disgusting human being. However, I do believe she's "going down" real soon.
She deserves every bit of scrutiny you guys (blogs) give her. (the whole family, really)
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

"These people are domestic terrorists."

Really ? You have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe if you'd had to pick up the pieces of charred and bloody flesh that real terrorists leave in their wake you wouldn't come out with such pathetic statements.

"Racist" on his shirt is spelled "rascist". Geniuses."

Umm, I only see one guy there...where do you get "geniuses" from ? Perhaps your hatred of fellow Americans is messing up your eyesight.

"Today, Sarah Palin's Facebook page endorsed a move headed by her "

No, Sarah Palin's page DOES NOT ENDORSE the move....Perhaps if PA actually checked this stuff himself rather than relying on the hysterical haters of the Alaskan "progressive" community, he might have realized that. Most credible blogs correct mistakes they make but I guess being a Leftist means never admitting you've got it wrong. Man up and correct this.