Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Palin to Address Alcohol Sellers Conference in Vegas

Today, the Crazy Woman (the crazy woman on the left side of the picture, not the right) told Glenn Beck - at first - that she didn't have a favorite founding father of the USA. Eventually, she settled on George Washington, because he stuck to the job at hand.

Yeah, right, CW. You voluntarily took a dishonorable discharge from the people of Alaska to go out and line your pockets rather nicely, as you further divide the comity of our country. You should fucking read some George Washington. I have three biographies of him. You only have to drive ten miles to get them. I'll loan them to you, if you promise to bring them back. He didn't think like you do.

I think Palin's real favorite founding father was Samuel Adams, the brewer (or maltster, depending on who you believe). He isn't generally regarded as one of the true FF's, though. Although her office is yet to confirm it (we've been here several times before, folks) :

The Wine and Liquor Wholesalers of America said Tuesday that Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at their annual convention, to be held in Las Vegas in April, CNN reports.

In Palin's Glenn Beck appearance today, she references several times about how leaders need to sacrifice. Maybe that can be the theme of her keynote address to the W&LWofA. Maybe she can convince the founders of the W&LWofA to move their convention to Bethel, Alaska.


Anonymous said...

She's completely whored herself out. To the highest bidder and beyond. I cannot imagine how you Alaskans must feel.

Anonymous said...

Since her knowledge base is roughly the equivalent of a middle-schooler, Palin probably couldn't think of anyone else besides George Washington. (Not being sarcastic here.)

Always enjoy your posts, Phil. From The Arts to politics to gardening to the CW. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

"She's completely whored herself out."

Ah, the easy misogyny of the progressive Left. How dare a woman make money in America today. Ignore the Barney Franks, the Chris Dodds, the Charlie Rangels and Tim Geitners who have embezzled millions from the US taxpayer but attack a woman who has made money by writing a book. You really are a sorry bunch.

Anonymous said...

"You should fucking read some George Washington."

Your increasing use of the F-word might make you feel hip and edgy (I know men of a certain age sometimes need to feel hip and edgy again) but it really just comes across as the ranting of an extremely frustrated individual. Also, FYI, suddenly addressing the target of your blog post on a one-to-one basis comes across as slightly juvenile. Palin isn't reading your post, your readers are (bless them).

Anonymous said...

I heard mo mention of making money in Sarah's resignation speech. That's all we had to go on, so there's a reason we are mad & disillusioned with the lady.

Martha said...

The bot numbers are shrinking. She has to do something, anything! She lives on opposition because her personal energy comes from anger and adrenaline. She will always be the Tabloid Barbie Crazy Woman because it's all that she knows. Constant negative emotions will drain her. It's so fitting.

AKPetMom said...

She was for the booze before she was against it. She might not have issues with it herself but her family speaks volumes regarding substance abuse issues.

Perhaps she should have given a second thought before she plowed thru this door....

Merely having been the former Gov of a state where alcohol is a hot button issue should have been reason enough for her not to have agreed to this speaking engagement.