Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ron Paul on the Current Status of Palin, 3rd Party Politics, and Voter Disenchantment with Both Democratic and Republican Party Leadership

Ron Paul was on CNN with Anderson Cooper three days ago. He gives good description of why many are disappointed with the leadership of both major political parties, and are probing for new solutions.

I don't agree with Rep. Paul on a lot of things, but he and I are both strongly anti-war, and want much more strict accountability on how Federal money goes to the banks and related quasi-Federal institutions.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on PA...don't be coy...you know that you and Paul are both strongly anti-Israel too.

AKPetMom said...

Why do we send money to Israel each year and allow 25% of that money to "protect" Israel to be spent on their own defense contractors that then sell arms to other countries?

Why after 60 years do we still support another country that is more than able to stand on their own two feet?

I'm not anti-Israel, but geez, isn't it time that they cut the cord from Britain and America and stand on their own? As all we do is give them a military stipend and co-sign on their loans.

They can live without us, but no the Christians have to have a strong Israel or the rapture might never come. Is that where we are?

I have Jewish ancestors and I don't agree with America's enabling of Israel for our military purposes.

Anonymous said...

"Why do we send money to Israel each year "

How come the leftist haters never whine about the US money that goes to he genocidal thugs in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank ? Or to Egypt or to the dozens of other countries around the globe that benefit from US aid ? Isn't strange how the Left always zero in on the world's only Jewish state ?
If Israel wasn't surrounded by nations who want to destroy it then it wouldn't need a huge defense budget. People also forget the huge contribution that Israel has made to the world's technological progress...almost all computers use technology invented in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hold on...you've been telling us for months that most of those who are

"disappointed with the leadership of both major political parties, and are probing for new solutions."

were racist, crazy "tea-baggers" ! Make your mind up.

Plus, has anyone else seen that video clip of one of Martha Coakley's (D) thugs knocking over a journalist ? Where are the out-crys from the "populist Left" that an incumbent politician uses strongarm tactics to rough-up someone daring to "speak truth to power". Please tell me you guys aren't just Dem party hacks....where is your independent spirit ?

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

you have Jewish ancestors? You mean like the ones who went along with sacrificing pigs in the Temple? The ones that the Maccabees put to the sword? *laughing* Or possibly one of the Judenrat/Kapos?
I always love this BS about how one of you clowns have Jewish friends or are part Jewish or ran over a Jew or at least watched them on a PBS special about the death camps of the Third Reich.
Although I'm not surprised of the claims, there are back stabbers in each and every generation.