Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 37 - Willow Busted in House Break-In

From the National Enquirer:

Sarah Palin's got another Wasilla wild child on her hands - 15-year-old daughter Willow who's running with the "wrong crowd".

Big sister Bristol made headlines with her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and now Willow has been named as a participant in a teenage booze bash that got out of hand, say sources.

"Willow has been running with the wrong crowd," confides a friend. "They are a popular high school clique known as the Colony Girls, who are well known as hard partiers and are regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope."

Willow recently attended a party thrown at a school pal's former family home - after others broke into it, according to the friend.

"About two dozen kids broke into the house that was up for sale. They drank, played beer pong, listened to loud music - and trashed the place.

"Police were notified, and they investigated the incident for possible vandalism and breaking and entering. When the pal who threw the bash was questioned by police, she named Willow as one of the partiers."

And when word got back to Sarah about Willow's involvement, "she was furious," said the source.

The friend also maintains that Willow has a definite rebel streak like siblings, 20-year-old Track and 19-year-old Bristol.

In July 2009, Willow was photographed slamming back a bottle of vodka at a Juneau house party. "Sarah was fuming when that photo of Willow was published," said the friend.

Her older sister Bristol scandalized her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, as a dope-smoking underage drinker and party girl. At 17, she announced she was pregnant - by hunky Levi Johnston whose mother was later sent to jail for pushing drugs.

Bristol, who gave birth to baby Tripp in December 2008, later organized an much ballyhooed advocacy group to prevent teen pregnancy.

Track, meanwhile, has had drug problems in the past, and was addicted to the painkiller OxyContin before shipping off to Iraq.

The former Alaska governor - who ran for vice president on a family values platform - is upset that Willow's wild behavior could cause her embarrassment as she promotes her new gig as Fox News commentator.

"Right now, Sarah's trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug," the source said.

[emphases added]

WWGWD? - What would George Washington do?

A commenter at the blog, Bree Palin, is reporting that "I have also heard that Willow has lawyered up (I guess Fleabag has a bulk rate) and isn't admitting to anything at this point. There may be some charges headed her way soon."

These kids have sacrificed so much to their mom's and dad's ambitions. I heard about the party bust and vandalism involving Willow last week, but waited until it was published. Track and Bristol are now adults, and can leave the Palins' dysfunctional household anytime they wish. Apparently, Track has. Willow can't leave the fold, though, unless she turns herself in to a shelter or seeks help from the state.

I'll bet if Angelina Jolie offers Sarah enough money, Palin will let Jolie adopt Willow.

I think Sarah's prayer networks should spend more time praying for these poor kids, than they do for Sarah. I wonder how many of the nutty people at places like the Palin shrines actually care for her children past the pathetic, ill-informed platitudes and false good cheer they throw in the kids' direction from time to time.

note - I've been reluctant to print from National Enquirer articles about Palin in the past. The only post at PA I've ever pulled, was a story from the Enquirer about Palin in 2008. Now that Palin is a FOX News "analyst," I feel that the National Enquirer and Sarah Palin deserve to spend more time together. Fair and balanced?

hat tips - Bree Palin and commenters there


Whoa, Baby! said...

Love your last comment.

indy_girl said...

Willow can't go anywhere. Unless there's a full-time nanny watching Trig, Tripp, and Dropout Piper, Willow's probably the babysitter. Remember? Sarah's busy with her FOX gig, and Todd is sitting off camera at FOX watching Sarah yap. So this means no parents in Wasilla monitoring the rest of the kids.

And according to Sarah, Bristol supposedly gets up at 4am and works all day at an outside job.

I'd drink and do drugs too if someone left me watching that house full of rug rats! maybe Sarah should buy Willow out too. Say a little house....a cute car...some cash from SarahPAC. Hand it over, and Willow promises not to spill the beans about her sister's kids and her mom's fake pregnancy. It's tough to keep all the worms in the can, isn't it, Sarah?

igettit2 said...

As insanely disfunctinal as that household is, I'm not surprised at Willow acting out. Shit, at some level she may see it at her only chance to get away. Really, how many options does a kid that age have?

KaJo said...

Phil, to the best of your knowlege, is the National Enquirer story the only publication? Or is this in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman or the ADN?

I looked in both, online, and could find nothing -- but I suppose a story could have been solely in hardcopy, to ensure it stays local...

Michelle said...

Phil - I'm always amazed when I come to your blog & see that you get the nasty CW fans commenting. Well, where are they now, huh? HA!

Always like reading your blog - CW or not. Thanks!

Verbose said...

I held my breath and peeked in at that "Prayer Warrior" site. The evrse up top (Gen 12:3) reads:

"I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you."

It's from God's blessing to Abraham (then Abram) and refers to the Jewish people in general.

Am I the only one creeped out by the application of the second half to Sarah Palin?

jo said...

She has a lot to deal with even if her mother was not in the public eye, $P is still mentally ill. I hope all the children get the counseling they need, living with two parents with problems makes them feel as somehow they may be to blame or that they are the ones who are different. Depending on their individual personalities they can grow up to be good decent people. If the Palins are incarcerated soon enough the youngest children stand a better chance of being in a more normal environment. Best of luck to the children.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

What if Willow isn't just "running with the wrong crowd" but IS an integral part of "the wrong crowd"? Seems very unlikely that she was just innocently swept along...

mary b said...

I don't believe that Mommy Dearest has ever relly taken an interest in her children. I think that her extended family did all the work of raising those kids.
It's just too obvious. The only reason that Piper and Trigg spend any time with her is because they are political shields/props.
$arah cares about one thing. And only one thing. $$$arah.

ZIP NOLAN said...

How low can the Left go ? Well, when it comes to Palin they've already hit rock bottom and they're still digging.

You have to be pretty desperate and to have really lost your moral compass when you drag a kid into your attempt to destroy a politician. But at least we see now what the progressive mindset really looks like and it sure ain't pretty.

When almost every other blog is talking about the secretive Healthcare debate or the horror of Haiti, what do the witch hunters of PA do ? Use a child to attack the mother.

When I first saw this post go up , I thought that even PA had gone a step too far in it's hate-mongering against Palin, I thought that at least one of the site's usual suspects would say "Wait a minute, let's attack the woman and not her kids"..but no, y'all piled on and are even whipping up hatred against Willow ("she must be guilty").

I see now how things like Salem happened. Y'all should take a good
long look in the mirror and feel ashamed....Somehow, I doubt you will.

Martha said...

Zip - ho hum. Same 'ol, same 'ol.

You know perfectly well why media and bloggers now report on the kids, and you can chalk it all up to Bumpit the Twit who drags them through the news. Her actions created logical consequences, but a narcissist will predictably lay blame elsewhere. A whiner wears thin rather quickly, and Sarah is using up her quota fast.

Being a blind fan of Sarah Palin and talking about moral compasses is a recipe for being laughed off the block.

Phil - I am disgusted beyond belief at Sarah's prop treatment of her children. I am sad now that they have become the celebrities of a sick parent. I mourn the loss of their innocence in more ways than one, and I hope Willow gets through this in spite of her f'd up mother. 'Nuff said. Back to regular programming of exposing CW as the vampire she is.

jo said...

No one condemned or attacked Willow or whipped up hate toward her. This is not a made up story on this blog, it is just a repeat from a national magazine. The children are acting out due to the dysfunction of the parents and no one is blaming the children.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Becareful what you gloat about...don't you have a brat of your own?
Wonder what little antics he is up too...

ZIP NOLAN said...

"Zip - ho hum. Same 'ol, same 'ol."

In view of the continual Palin-hating on this site are you aware of the word "hypocrite "?

"No one condemned or attacked Willow or whipped up hate toward her."

Hi, Jo ! Jo, meet fellow Palin-hater MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel who said , on this very thread...

"What if Willow isn't just "running with the wrong crowd" but IS an integral part of "the wrong crowd"? Seems very unlikely that she was just innocently swept along.."

Do y'all even read each others comments ?

ZIP NOLAN said...

"Being a blind fan of Sarah Palin and talking about moral compasses is a recipe for being laughed off the block."

So, now the compassionate Leftists are ridiculing blind people. What nice folk y'all are.

F said...

If Willow is being permitted to attend unsupervised parties, she must have some leverage over her parents. Perhaps she knows (and can prove) something her parents don't want public. If that's the case, Willow can pretty much write her own ticket and her parents are in for an interesting time.

Martha said...

Zip Nolan must be the "Quoting Troll" as I've come to think of them!

Sorry Zip, I don't take your bait. I do however chuckle at your posts.

Bob Broughton said...


Are there "death panels" in the health care bill?

No, there are not. The Crazy Woman is a liar, and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending her.

ZIP NOLAN said...

"Are there "death panels" in the health care bill?"

I don't know, Bob, and I'm guessing you don't either unless you've read all 2,000 pages of the monster. Oh, and the most "transparent administration evah " (pause for laughter) is currently conducting behind-the-scenes bribery on the various Senate and House bills (what happened to Obama's promises of C-Span coverage???) so no-one knows what's going to be in the final bill. But, you and the rest of the liberal sheep will support this corrupt, costly and clandestine bill anyway. Shame.

Bob Broughton said...

Zip wrote:

> I don't know, Bob

Oh, yes, you do, Zip.

There are no "death panels" in the health care bill. The Crazy Woman is a liar, and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending this lie.

Malia Litman said...

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Sarah. Whatever your political party, we must all ensure that someone as incompetent as Sarah is never trusted with nuclear codes! Malia Litman

Malia Litman said...

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Anonymous said...

It must be nice to have perfect kids who never have any trouble with the law, (cough, cough) eh, Phil ?

Anonymous said...

Now you're re-hashing the spew from Bree Palin, nice touch, classy.

Perhaps in your next blog you might want to do a write up about your own children's criminal records and the various offenses that they've been charged with.

You're an embarrassment to the cause of progressive politics.