Friday, January 8, 2010

Saradise Lost and Found - Chapter 11 -- Palin & the Birchers Again

Not Birthers. Birchers.

One of the most lame ideas being floated about this Friday is that Sarah Palin has decided to not speak at the 2010 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Convention because they have some sort of nebulous tie to the John Birch Society.

Here's Palin's official photo from her term on the Wasilla City Council. She's happily posing with the then current copy of The New American, the journal of the John Birch Society.

Palin turned down CPAC, which doesn't pay speakers. She will be speaking instead at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. They do pay speakers. However, CNN is reporting Palin will not be paid for her speaking engagement at the SRLC. We'll see.

This comes at a time when Palin has polled way back in the pack amongst influential inside-the-beltway GOP apparatchiks. Influential, outside-the-box pollster Nate Silver thinks that's exactly where Palin wants to poll in the minds of those folks:

But back to the point I made in November -- there's going to come a time, probably in July 2011 or so, where the knives are really drawn on Palin and Republican pundits, strategists and candidates start saying in public some of the things they've been thinking in private. And that in all likelihood will play very well for her. Although the Establishment's concerns about Palin's viability as a general election candidate are well grounded, mostly they're just terrified of her because she doesn't need them.

Obstensibly, Palin's spokes-staplegun, Meg Stapleton, claims Palin is refusing the CPAC invitation over scruples about CPAC Chair, David Keene:

At issue is the role of David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union which organizes CPAC. In September, POLITICO reported that Keene asked FedEx for between $2 million and $3 million to get the group's support in a bitter legislative battle with rival UPS.

A source close to the Palin camp says that request led to a decision to stay away from the upcoming CPAC conference, calling it a forum that will place "special interests over core beliefs" and "pocketbook over policy."

"That's not what CPAC should be about and people are tiring," the source said. "Palin is taking a stance against this just as she did in Alaska."

When asked about the move, Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said: "We support those who advance our core beliefs and lead by principle."

There actually may be some truth to Palin's claim. One thing it certainly indicates is continuing influence upon Palin by film mockumentarian, John Ziegler. I posted this video back when it came out. It is Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks, defending John Ziegler, after Ziegler's confrontation at last year's CPAC, with Keene:

Gryphen may be closer than anyone else on aspects of this:

They really expect the American people to believe that the woman who has written a book of lies, and then prostituted her own children to sell more copies, actually has ETHICS!

Because as we know, only truly ethical people rack up the most ethics charges in Alaska political history, including one she filed against herself. Or demands thousands of dollars in speaking fees before helping out a charity. Or uses her daughter and grandchild to punish a young man for speaking out against her after she used him for political gain and then cast him aside. Oh yeah those are some seriously well defined ethics you have their Mrs. Palin.

Well I think we can rest assured that the reason Palin is NOT attending CPAC has absolutely nothing to do with her "cough, cough" ethics. And if we take her at her word that it is not about the money then what is left?

Keene has criticized Palin in the conservative press, telling Newsmax in July that she was "whining" about her press coverage and was not yet ready for primetime.

"Conservatives like her, but you've got to have more than that," Keene told the outlet. "You've got to be more than a rock star. If in fact she's interested in the presidency, she has got to establish herself as someone you can envision in the Oval Office. And it's become more difficult to envision than it was at the time of the election."

Oh no he didn't! Well you know that could DEFINITELY be the reason.

As we all know Caribou Barbie does not like it when people criticize her! Too bad she already published that book, Keene could have received his very own dishonorable mention. Of course she still has the option of banning him from one of her events. That seems to be her fallback position.

And you know it STILL could just be about the money. After all this is "Wasilla Grifter" we are talking about.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have minded seeing a followup report to the very serious accusations made here against Palin and her followers on Tuesday, January 5th.

We were led to believe Palin was encouraging her followers to near open insurrection, but afterwards, nary a peep about what actually hppened from the "progressive blogosphere".

Their actions must not have added up to much. Did someone cry wolf? How many more times before no one listens?


Anonymous said...

Gryphen has a post about this on his blog, Immoral Minority.
Except for blowing hot air on Eddie Burke's "show", no one cried wolf.

Anonymous said...

That means "Alaska's progressive bloggers" cried wolf.

People can stop listening to them, too.


mary b said...

Does anyone truly believe that a Palinbot would even know about FedEx vs UPS?
I am sure that the Palinbots focus soley on Palin.
$arah is not going to CPAC because of money and because she thinks she was dissed by Keene.
And the Southern Leadership Conference? If they don't have a big, fat check for $arah, you can bet that she'll say that she never confirmed it with them.
She'll be at the Tea Baggin event. They have $100K waiting for her to pick up.
You betcha she'll be there also, too!!

Philip Munger said...

No, Y, it means that Linda Kellen Beigel notified the court and the troopers of what Burke and this idiot Dave Smith were up to, also trying to convince Smith that what he and who all knows whom else had in mind was inappropriate. I think I used that term before.

mary b said...


Read Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis for the answer to your question.
Law enforcement was tipped off and the Palinbots got scared off.
Stop trolling and actually retain some things that you read. It will do you a world of good.

Philip Munger said...


you might check at the Wasilla public library and see if they can help you sign up for one of their free reading comprehension classes.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Palin supporters tried to pick up on Birchers as a reason Sarah isn't going. She had a Bircher at her Wasilla book signing trolling the waiting line!

Philip Munger said...

I think the troller you're referring to was actually a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, not a Bircher. It is hard to be both simultaneously, though many of one group have been members of the other at one time.

Anonymous said...

You "progressive Alaska bloggers" don't know the working class, don't care for the working class, can't hear the concerns of the working class.

You're after confirmation and legitimation of your own sense of superiority. Outside your own clique, you don't get it, and you're unhappy about that. It's the only thing you're unhappy about.

Whatever the defects and misunderstandings of the average working stiff, he or she knows better than to trust your sort with the responsibility of government.


alaskapi said...

oh for crying out loud Y-
You don't even know who you're talking to.
After 25 years of working as a repair plumber and another 10 behind a hardware counter I know dang well what the average -working-stiff has in mind most of the time...
And I also know that for every righteous sling of the elitist tag, an equally righteous sling of the fear mongering tag is valid back the other direction .
And , guess what? The average working stiff is like every other group of people...
Some are conservative, some are liberal, some are even apolitical, of all things...
Get off that wagon my friend... it has a busted wheel.

Anonymous said...

"The Palin Train has left the Station" - and boy oh boy there's gonna be a terrific WRECK soon.

Watch out you Palin Lovers. You're not gonna know what hit you cuz you never seem to want to learn, educate yourselves on all things Palin. I really wish you COULD "see the forest for the trees", but guess it wont happen til your laying dead on the tracks.
(sadly, maybe not even then)

Anonymous said...

"you might check at the Wasilla public library and see if they can help you sign up for one of their free reading comprehension classes."

What a patronizing, bitter old fraud !!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see 60 Minutes Sunday night...

Anonymous said...

"After 25 years of working as a repair plumber and another 10 behind a hardware counter I know dang well what the average -working-stiff has in mind most of the time.."

Wow, what are you ? God ? How do you know what the rest of us are thinking ? You worked in a hardware what ? You don't know "dang-well" (nice populist touch - very clever) what the "average working stiff" has in mind most of the know what YOU have in mind and, judging by your fawning defense of the bitter blogger who calls Americans "tea-baggers", you have NO idea what the rest of us are thinking.

Anonymous said...

The Teabaggers named themselves that. How's that our fault? So they tried to tweak the brand later, but like "Blackwater," the rebranding has not worked.

Next time you form a 3rd party (with FOX, Koch, and Dick Armey's Freedom Works $$), bring in some branding experts and let them focus-group test your choice of names. It is the 21st century: memes stick. What's published on the Internet stays on the Internet.

alaskapi said...

anony @ 7:29-
Who's the 'rest of us'?
If you cut out the commercial ,sports, and charter fishermen, building contractors, painting contractors... truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, public and private, hard rock miners, public and private maintenance workers and janitors, fish plant workers and millwrights... small business owners,office go-fers,shop millwrights for heli and air outfits, plumbers, electricians, refrigeration specialists, loggers... Who is left?
If you cut out all my self- proclaimed teabagging cousins, neighbors and family who live the Deerhunting with Jesus paradigm, artists who work 1 to 3 "day'jobs and could care less about anything political, all those neighbors and family who live by Wendell Berry's notion of membership in their community, those who can't find jobs in their chosen field or who stay at a job because they can't find another one with health insurance, those who lash out at so-called greenies because they fear losing their jobs,those who look down their noses at blue collar workers to feel better about being a desk jockey ...?
The "average working stiff" is a worn out way of talking about ourselves. It serves all divisive groups, on the right and left, to pretend there is some great untapped average Joe/Joan group out there who is never thought of or taken care of...
My contention is that , like all groups of humans, the average working stiff comes in all political persuasions, all educational backgrounds, all stripes.
The more we fool around arguing about who's the realest or most average , the less attention we pay to where we are and where we are going.
Letting SP or the John Birchers limited notions of responsibility define who we are won't help break the stranglehold large corporations have on our political process. Letting the limited and abstract notion of the "common man" of the far left define who we are won't help break the crisis of spirit so many of us feel about what America has become.
If you need to feel like no one can know your pain and worries, fine. If you want to believe you are part of some vast unfathomable group, fine. If you want to keep up the harangue about what the tea bag wasters (including those in my family ) named themselves , fine...
The 'we' you are part of shrinks with each proclamation though.
And THAT wagon has a busted wheel.

Anonymous said...

What about the Juneteenth ethics charge that Griffin didn't write about ? Mudflats, the Homer Girl, Angry Diva and the rest of your clatch didn't write about it either, how come ?

I'm talking about Juneteenth proclamation that wasn't proclaimed.

This absolutely ridiculous ethics charge brought by Kim Chatman was tossed out and not a single one of these oh-so-self-important bloggers bothered to cover the story.

Good job bloggers !

Anonymous said...

"The more we fool around arguing about who's the realest or most average , the less attention we pay to where we are and where we are going."

Can anyone translate this into English ?

Anonymous said...

"The Teabaggers named themselves that. How's that our fault? "

Yet another Leftist lie. I don't know of a single Tea Party Event that used the word "teabagger" in it's title or promotion material. It's only the scum on the Left that think it's funny to smear decent Americans wih this name merely because we don't want to be taxed to death. The Left are supposed to be "progressive" and "open-minded" but they call us, our wives and our children this vile name because of our politics. DO we insult those who attend Leftist rallies or support the Democrats by using a similar insult against them? No. Why have the Left become the snickering children of modern politics....why do they have such hatred and bitterness against other Americans ?

the problem child said...

The tea bag movement's humble beginnings, as explained by a teabagger: