Friday, January 15, 2010

Making Adjustments

My trusty iBook won't start. It has been having problems. They started about three days after the machine's Applecare plan expired.

The thing has been through a lot, though. It carried this blog from its beginnings. It has been to Washington state six times, Oregon and California twice. I've used it on airplanes, trains, light rail trains, busses, cabs, about five dozen coffee houses, a dozen bars, a score of restaurants, three Alaska State ferries, all our cars, a rented motorhome, a sailboat and other places.

I've used it to teach my classes at UAA since fall 2006. It has taken the minutes many meetings. I wrote three versions of Shards on it. I started my Sinfonietta on it. Nice Work, Kid - Don't Come Back comes from that iBook. I've probably made several hundred friends by communicating with it.

I've brought out my retired iBookG4 to help until the newer one gets fixed or replaced.

While setting it up, I looked through some of the photos stored in the older laptop. These four are pretty nice. I thought I'd share them. After a hard rain on July 7, 2006, the sun came out. The garden was in full bloom. The sun and the raindrops stuck on some of the plants and flowers was almost stunning.


Kat said...

They ARE stunning! Thanks Phil!

dianedp said...

I love flowers and cannot wait for Spring!!!!!!!!
I am a Master Gardener in NY state close to the Canadian Border, Zone 4.
I am amazed that we share the same zone and some of the same flowers.
You just think of Alaska as being,I don't know, Zone 0 or 1 !!!
I hope gardening brings the same joy to you as it does for me!

akglow said...

I love these photos, too. They leave me feeling somewhat quenched.

AKjah said...

Still enjoying winter. Not yet ready for summer. But those are some great pics!!

AKPetMom said...

Hi Phil, lovely photos....makes me anxious to get back to my summer gardening job. Although this winter's been pretty darned pleasant as far as winters go; well except for the "hurricane" last week, that wasn't so much fun.

At any rate, here's a good Apple tech page that has links for attempting to power up a non responsive computer. Not sure what model yours is but this page seems to cover all Apple products for the last 5+ years. Some of the solutions actually wipe your RAM cache (not sure if that's the correct term) but at any rate this might be worth a try before you bring it down to a shop.

On the other hand, the MacHaus staff will usually do an on the spot diagnosis of your problem at no cost. The Valley location is open 9-6 Mon-Sat. You could pop in there today and at least find out a bit more about what might be wrong. I find them to be super helpful.

Good luck; hope you can resuscitate her!

baby said...

Just what I needed today, Phil! I can almost smell the flowers, the soil and the rain!

Question for you that is off this topic-- you know the people who run the ADN, right? What's up with them on the Steven Hardies story? They had to announce the name of his wife and who bought the house and when. If this were my husband or a loved one, I'd be furious. they went so far as to announce that recently fallen snow hadn't been touched, etc. I'm not comfortable with them sharing this information. Is this what they are supposed to do? If the family wants to be identified, that is one thing, but if not, then they should leave them alone and not try to be junior sleuths scooping out a case. I'm pretty disgusted and won't be reading up on this man again.