Friday, December 2, 2011

Scott McAdams: Obama Has Destroyed the Hopes of A Generation of Democrats

I was driving over to Palmer early this afternoon for a session with a group fighting the insane idea of the Wishbone Hill coal mine.  Listening to Shannyn Moore's radio show, I was happy to hear Scott McAdams, her guest.  He is in Anchorage to host the Alaska Democratic Party's Annual Holiday Auction

Last month McAdams, who was the Democratic Party nominee in the 2010 Alaska U.S. Senate race, formed a political action committee called It's About Alaska:
McAdams has filed paperwork with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, establishing the group It's About Alaska. The group's stated purpose is to support candidates who "commit to putting Alaska's people and communities ahead of non-Alaskan special interests as elected leaders." It seeks to have influence on next year's elections.
 Scott ran a very controlled U.S. Senate campaign in 2010.  He came in 3rd in votes, but first in honesty.  He learned a lot, and may be a cinch for my party's nomination to fight against Don Young next year.   Even if Diane Benson, the Democrat I most admire, announces another run against Don, I might back Scott in the primary.

I was a bit shocked to hear Scott state on Shannyn's program - just before the 1:00 p.m. break - that (I am paraphrasing here) Obama has destroyed the hopes of a generation of Democrats.  When the podcast of that show segment is posted, I will transcribe the entire segment for accuracy and more detail.

Watching Obama's team destroy any hopes of CO2 emission progress coming out of the UN Durban conference this week, one might even take this further:  Obama, by forfeiting US leadership in meaningful climate change action, is dooming billions of people yet to be born.

George W. Bush must be green with envy.


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear Scott but I agree that Obama destroyed a generation of Democrats. From education, ecology, bank bailouts, Guantanamo, Afgan, Iraq and health care Obama has been following the Rep. plan almost word for word.
He is the finest R pres. since Clinton-you remember the guy who gave American jobs away and rewrote the banking rules that made the mess we are in now.

HarpboyAK said...

Certainly not the change I voted for! When I saw the 2010 Juneau caucus, I was blown away. It reminded me of the 1972 caucuses, when we sent a pro-McGovern delegation to the national convention.

But as soon as he named Rahm as his chief of staff, I knew that the CorpoDems had stolen our victory.

I WANT MY PARTY BACK. The 99% need to take over the party and the convention this year, and throw out the hacks, blue dogs and CorpoDems. We need to replace the CorpoDems in the Senate with real Dems, even if it takes us the rest of our lives.

That means that I'll be happy to back a real Democrat to defeat that DINO Begich in the next Senate primary.

And whatever Scott runs for, he has my support.

Anonymous said...

So, the "leftist leaning" libertarians are attempting to destroy the next election by piling the crap on the President, instead of condemning the rightwing?

Who the hell do people want to win next year's election? Santa Claus?

Anonymous said...

And BTW, since when did Arianna Huffington become a Democrat? She's the same poseur she has always been--it's about money, honey, and always will be. The people she took advantage of when she was stuffing her pockets is endless.

HP is a toxic brew, always has been. I don't trust anything I read there, esp opinions, and go to the source.

Anonymous said...

Meant to leave this about AH:

Anonymous said...

The Obama presidency has been disastrous for the environment. He has embraced "Drill, baby, drill" as an energy policy, expanding into more pristine wilderness & deeper water drilling. His appointment of Salazar, the failure to clean up the Department of the Interior, the Appointment of Ken Feinberg over the gulf disaster--he is a corporatist through & through. Supporters can delude themselves if they wish, but the truth is the truth. He lost my support the day he declared "Turns out, deep water drilling is safe!" Fifteen days later we have the Deep Water Horizon disaster & Obama never walks that statement back. Instead, he pushes forward with more & more drilling with very little done to improve safety, or the ability to clean up toxic spills. Allowing BP to run the clean up effort was ridiculous, with the Coast Guard & NOAA backing up BP's lies. BTW, the Macondo well is still leaking & the seabed is fractured. It will probably never stop leaking & there are no edible oysters in Louisiana anymore.

annettej said...

Anon 4:07

Don't even try to talk sense here. As far as a certain set thinks Barack Obama did not give them everything they wanted in their fuzzy world even against monumental opposition. There is nothing like political fantasists for crying. Their hate for this president is right up there with teabagging wingnuts. Interesting.

So he is now evil personified to them. Even though amazing things have happened in this administration under incredible odds, the insane GOP, blue dogs and the rest.

All of the supposed disappointed will only be happiest when a nightmare republican gets in. Then
they can cry and howl at about the same level they have been at this president. Face it—these people
will never get what they want and they are in a pathetic way happy about it.

Which is of course, their right. Howl on.

Anonymous said...

Annettej, I do not hate the President. I would love to support him, as I did in 2008, but he seems intent on continuing policies that are ruining our natural world. We are on a course to make the earth inhabitable, and the US doesn't even have the leadership to step up & say it's time to curb carbon emissions. Your name calling (thanks for calling me pathetic for standing up for what I believe in) doesn't change the facts that this President is a corporatist. You may disagree, but no one from BP has gone to jail (11 people dead, remember) and no one on Wall Street has gone to jail. I am not part of a "certain set." I am an intelligent human who makes decisions based on facts and experience. The Obama administration lied about what happened in the gulf, and they were complicit with BP in covering up. Calling us names does not change the facts of the actions of this administration. Have a nice day.

KaJo said...

So....HarpboyAK and Anonymous-against-Obama, who are you going to vote for next November?

Every one of the GOP primary candidates are even more ruthless about the environment than Obama, even more the lapdogs of Wall Street, and a LOT more interested in keeping the military-industrial complex alive, happy and profitable.

And you surely already know their plans for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Dept of Education and other Federal departments and agencies responsible for regulating industry...

If there's a "pure" Democrat or Libertarian out there who isn't as wonky about certain issues as Ron Paul who could challenge Obama and have the backing to go up against any Republican, tell me who that is.

Because you DON'T want a declared Republican as your next President, or ever again if their current hard-right stance continues.

Even a DINO is better because you know he won't turn this country into a theocracy.

Unless Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders or Barnie Frank or possibly Al Franken declare Dem primary candidacy, I'm voting Obama. The alternative is just too horrible to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed the past pres. elections in Emerica, your vote doesn't count. Diebold determines who wins. I know that company was sold, but don't fear. Another company will 'stuff the ballot box' next time around.
Silly citizens, fussing about all those big problems and calling each other names. Just stick to shopping and you will be happy all the time. Is it true that more people were hurt on Black Friday than during all the Occupy events? Does that tell you something about your fellow citizens?

clark said...

i think you can remove franken from that group.