Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Pre-Christmas Message for Obama: War Is OVER - If YOU Want It


Anonymous said...

Very stirring, Phil. Thank you.

Dianne Woodruff

Anonymous said...

This is the same administration that only removed remaining US troops from Iraq because he failed to secure a deal from the Iraqis that would give our soldiers immunity from prosecution, who has escalated the war in Afghanistan, who has deployed US troops to sub-Saharan Africa, who has stepped up operations in the Horn of Africa region, who has increased drone operations in Pakistan, who has asked Iran to return a drone that we lost inside that country, who has stepped up operations and raids in Yemen, who has declared American citizens as enemy combatants and had them killed extrajudicially (Awlaki), and who continues military operations in other areas of the globe like the Philippines.

Beautiful music -- but how's that Hope and Change working out?

Jacob Dugan-Brause said...

I keep coming back to listen to this. I was in Dublin last week and was deeply moved by the struggles for political independence there. But yet is no longer a question in my mind that violence, no matter how deeply rooted or warranted, is a species trait that can have no place in our human progression.

It is not an ideal world that demands non-violence. It is a sane one for our collective future. Thank you, John, for this simple, powerful work of folk art.

Requiem in pace.

Eli Blake said...


While I agree with you about Afghanistan, I do believe that the Hope and Change are working out. Having spent hours in a waiting room with an uninsured person who was in a great deal of pain, and seeing insured people with a cough walk in the door and get seen before she was, the health care law and the fact that everyone will be able to buy insurance at a rate they can afford alone is reason enough why I support re-election for the President. But I actually wrote a fairly lengthy post about why I support him that goes even beyond that:

Why I support President Obama without reservations