Thursday, December 29, 2011

David Rovics at Occupy Portland Oregon

Progressive troubadour David Rovics put up a post on the events of 2011, through the efforts of his songs and performances around the country and Europe.  Here is what he called his favorite performance, in his hometown of Portland, the evening before the police shut that encampment down:


Bob Wells said...

So you liked that trip up the Alaska highway in the early 70's? I am glad you are there to speak up. I just read Greg Pallast's book "Vulture's Picnic" and am reading "The Fate of Nature" by Charles Wohlforth. I highly recoomend them but you are probably way ahead of me. How about the new Tom Waits album, "Bad as Me"?
I'm the last leaf on the tree.

Bob Wells

Philip Munger said...


Happy New Year, my dear friend. It is so good to hear from you.

(Bob Wells and I drove the Alcan in early April 1973. It was my entry to Alaska, and it changed my life so very, very much.)