Monday, December 26, 2011

Bradley Manning Article 32 Hearing Week Wrap-ups

There are a number of news wrap-ups on the web on last week's U.S. Army Article 32 (pre-trial) hearings in the case of Private Bradley Manning.  Here are some of the more important ones.  Please note that none come from the U.S. mainstream press.

RT's Alyona Show:

Al Jazeera's Listening Post (up to 10:25 in the segment):

Al Jazeera's Inside Story Americas, with Daniel Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald:

Greenwald assails the cowardice of Manning's critics in this thorough essay.

Democracy Now's wrap-up, from last Friday:


Anonymous said...

Phil I get what you say about Bradley Manning, but What about Susan Lindauer?
Extreme Prejudice.
Yea imprison under Bushie Patriot act and let lose under OBAMA? No MSM covers her Either!

Philip Munger said...

PA covered Susan Lindauer some time ago, but not recently.

Was she in the news last week? If so I missed it.

Anonymous said...

She has a blog
And has done several youtubes about her book. I'm reading it and its explosive!

Philip Munger said...

Thanks for the info on Susan's blog.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Phil~ He book is explosive!