Saturday, December 10, 2011

Change We Can Believe In!

Top - how the police are handling election demonstrators in Moscow.

Bottom - how the police are handling Occupy Oakland demonstrators.

Didn't it used to be the other way around?

I guess this is one of the benefits of being at war - at home and abroad - all the fucking time.

hat tip - shekissesfrogs


Mel said...

The police in Moscow & elsewhere in Russia are a great deal less kind to LGBTs -- major repression going on there now.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but it's not that Russian police are more civilized, it's that American police are getting much worse, really fast (past 10 years).

Anonymous said...

Wow, you fall for propaganda from Russia... you are even dumber than I thought.

Now if you put the Canadian response to the occupy movement on your site I Might believe you...

They cleared out the camps with almost no use of force.