Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Wit and Wisdom from the IM Commenting Cult

One of many well-reasoned responses to  a comment I made to an article at The Immoral Minority on Friday:
Looks like Phil 'the asshole' Munger isn't getting enough traffic to his website so he comes and shits on Gryphen's. This is a pattern with Phil. He resembles Sarah Palin in this way, when he doesn't get enough attention he comes and dumps his toxic, skewed anti Obama crap on an otherwise lovely discussion. He has a hard on for Obama, the same way that Sarah does. Pure, unadulterated jealousy for the fine man that Mr. Obama is when they have to suffer the poor excuses for human beings they are.

I'm more and more convinced that Sarah is paying him to be the attack dog for her under the premise of 'progressive' when in fact each and every thought that is put forward by them (Phil and Sarah) is as regressive as one can get.

Just watch, every time Sarah attacks on TV, Phil comes out from under his rock and attacks. It's a coordinated effort, as far I can tell. I've seen the pattern over and over again, to the point of predictability, and sure enough, here he is.

Phil Munger is a very dangerous, disillusioned, passive aggressive man. Be warned. It is crystal clear in all of his writings. He is incapable of presenting any sort of a balanced discussion and peppers his statements with provocative words, meant to 'stir the pot', yep, you guessed it JUST LIKE SARAH. He pulls her tactics all the time. Which is exactly why I believe he is on her payroll.
 I confess.  Sarah pays me thousands to hound Jesse.

Feel better now?


Anonymous said...

Wow. How bizarre. OTOH does this mean I could hit you up for a loan?

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Congratulations if you've pried Sarah Palin's cold claws from her rusty wallet, Phil.

annettej said...

I wouldn't worry about the commenters at IM Phil.
YOU know how people get when they obsessively beat a drum about a certain person. It just says that passions are high and we need to laugh more and move along.

But I'm thinking its not so nice and progressive to equate a liberal blogger and his commenters with a man who was responsible for the heinous deaths of hundreds of men, women and children. I think you are better than that.

We should all be better than that.

Anonymous said...

IM is like Jerry Springer, he goes for the sensational, whether its Sarah, Perry or any one else. He gets the most comments from those shock jock type of posts. The "iceberg is always just around the corner to keep them coming meagain and Fred's book. I read there for the entertainment not the facts.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious Phil, why so pissy about somebody else's blog? Have you nothing better to do? You sound like a two year old in this.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is making me laugh really hard. First of all I am the one who wrote that post that Phil is whining over in his latest post and I stand by it totally.

Second, we no longer have to listen to his drivel at IM since Jesse has come to his senses and taken him off the blogroll. It's a day to celebrate, and feel grateful that we no longer have to deal with his nasty, passive aggressive, twisted, extreme shit, his bad manners and his utter rudeness. Good times.

And, just for fun, this commenter has Phil down to a T. Yes, the internet is a stern mistress that calls out BS for what it is and Phil is just that...BULLSHIT:

'Seeing Munger has posted another of his 'little boy dick' posts on his blog whining about some comments he received here at IM -- don't go read it and give him traffic on his blog. He shows no respect to IM or it's commentors/visitors.

Munger is a sick man. A shit disturbing, low knowledge, disturbed, lonely, sick man and will go to any length to get traffic on his blog. He's played this game before directed to many of the Alaskan blogs.

He comes to IM to spew his hate and name calling of President Obama and IM commentors and did so on the Point, Set, Match blog post at 5:25pm, 5:41pm. etc. When he posts calling IM bloggers 'cult followers', he shows no respect for his fellow Alaskan Gryphen or the blog posters Gryphen has built. Munger is no different than Palin -- believes his views are what everyone should agree to and everyone else are the idiots. Munger forgets - we too all entitled to our own views and beliefs. When you give thought - he's pretty much like Chuckles Palin - he too probably teaches kids his skewed views.

Munger was pissed at the responses he got. In a few words - he was basically told to take his 'little boy dick' home! He'd probably be welcomed at the Pe'er site where he belongs as he'd fit right in!'

So, now that he's off the blogroll, it's not likely he'll get much traffic and let's hope that shuts down his piece of crap blog forever, we can only hope.

Jesse is one of the fairest, most open minded, intelligent, well read, funny, clever and reasonable people around, so if Jesse's done with Phil, he aint worth much, but then I already knew that...LOL!

And yes, I keep hearing that Sarah is paying Phil to attack our president and any blogs that support him, and I believe it to be true. They are SOOO much alike it's freaky.

Anonymous said...

HA! It's about time. Phil you done wore out your welcome and got bounced permanently from the blogroll and for that we can rejoice. You only always brought a toxic point of view, and never hesitated to attack and name call. And then when you got pushback for your passive aggressive, pot stirring crap, you whined and had to go and post a blog entry that essentially underlines what everyone is saying about you. Talk about thin-skinned! It's been said before, and I will say it again, you and Sarah are two peas in a pod with your nasty discourse and vile accusations.

I breathe a sigh of relief that once I finish with this comment, I will NEVER have to be faced with Progressive Alaska on an otherwise lovely blogroll of intelligent, sophisticated, mature thinking adults and Phil can stay in his sandbox of hate and name calling, playing with his little shriveled up dick. See ya, LOSER.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen said...

For those who are asking, yes I did just take Progressive Alaska off of the blogroll.

That last post was just too over the top to be acceptable.

I will also no longer allow Phil to comment here as he seems to only want to start arguments, and insult the President, or me, or even you.

I usually err on the side of an open dialogue, and freedom of speech, but even I have my limits.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Phil jumped the shark on this one, and he's one sorry ass dick that should crawl back under the rock he lives under with the other vermin and creepy crawly critters. He and Sarah are twin sickos.

sendlawyersgunsandmoney said...

I'll keep coming to both blogs, they offer different points of view. But I really wish Phil would stop the nasty crap. You have your own spot to post your views, and you seem to only like to go to IM or battle that site's owner to stir the shit. Stir it in your own kitchen. I generally enjoy PA, even with the biased, toxic posts sometimes about Israel and Obama. Another person's point of view. I also go to Pamela Geller's site, WND, and even the Sea of Pee. Like to see what everyone is talking about. But cool it a bit Phil, when you are off-site.

Anonymous said...

Boy these IM'ers sound like a bunch of C4Pee'ers to me, all the name calling..maybe they need to take their own advice and be a little more open minded..Gryphen has had problems with other bloggers before so maybe it's him and not them. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if all 3 "dick" comments were from the same person. Ubetcha!!

Anonymous said...

I visit both blogs but for totally different reasons.

IM is a "guilty pleasure" blog; like TMZ or other celeb gossip blogs. It's always fun to read the tawdry Palin speculation and see our politicos (well, only those on the Right) lampooned but the site is rather one-sided and "fluffy" and has basically become "homebase" for the group of people that are still concerned about Palin and have pretty serious PDS.

Progressive Alaska is a political blog where I come to get news as Phil is a long time observer and student of both local and national politics. I also enjoy the music and seeing photos of Phil's gardens. Phil is a multi-faceted and multi-talented individual that shares all sorts of stories and opinions with us.

Different blogs, different approach and they can't be compared. Both serve their purpose, and I'll continue to visit both. I find these "blogger wars" to be very tedious.


Anonymous said...

You need to relax, Phil.

I comment on IM; I also comment here from time to time. I'm not Alaskan, but I read your blog a few times a week, even though I don't always agree with you.

I certainly understand that, with you being such a strong Obama detractor, it's tempting to post on IM when Jesse has a pro-Obama post. But why shit on his blog and the people who post there, especially since so many of us are also readers of yours?

[what a coincidence that my word verification is "undemi"]

Anonymous said...

Don't let 'em get you down, Phil. I've stopped going to IM for a couple of different reasons. One, it just doesn't work well with my browser, and, two, I'm bored to death with Sarah Palin and Gryphen's constant refusal to acknowledge President Obama's weaknesses. I've met Jesse a few times, and I like him, but his blog just isn't for me.

Merry Christmas to you and Judy, Phil, and maybe this separation from IM is for the best.


Philip Munger said...

Well, the Immoral Minority remains on the Progressive Alaska blog roll.

My comments at the post that brought this issue up were all civil. As has happened sometimes in the past when I commented there, none of the respondents wanted to engage in discussion of the points I raised, which were valid.

Anonymous said...

OH good god Phil, can't you take responsibility for ANYTHING? Your posts are never civil or respectful and mostly invalid from what I've seen and read for years. It's a really good thing that Jesse has shut you down. Your definition of civil falls right into your passive aggressive mind set that someone has mentioned before. You are some sort of a lost soul, desperately seeking attention and it is an ugly, ugly sight to behold.

Blog wars are tiresome said...

Curious. Phil, why post on Gryphen's blog if you don't agree with his Obama views? I read before that you are trying to "help" Gryphen. What help does Gryphen need from YOU?

Califronia born said...

Well Phil, I do give you kudos for posting comments that are calling you names. I know that IM sometimes does not post comments. Sorry that you went out this way.

Anonymous said...

It's time you retire this blog Phil. You look very small again today.

Anonymous said...

Phil, don't waste your time (or that of your readers) on the Obama-bots at IM. Other than the object of their desire, they aren't much different from Palin-bots. They mistake group-think for discussion, lack the tools to debate the issues, stoop quickly to name calling, and are truly delusional if they think you are in league with Palin.

Looking at the Republican field to date, I may well vote for Obama again. However, I am not blind to his failings, and you have correctly pointed out a number of them.

I check in at IM to see what's new, and Jesse does find some interesting tidbits. However, he's overly sensational, blindly devoted to Obama, and lacking the broader knowledge, historical context, and depth I come to your blog for. Sweets are fine, but at some point, there needs to be some protein in the diet.

Thanks for the thought and variety you put into your blog.

Anonymous said...

Phil..maybe they don't know how to hold a serious,civil's more like TMZ and The National Inquirer over there, those are the posts that get the most hits. Anything Palin related gets at least 100 or more comments..that should tell you something about how serious they are. And yes he does moderate the comments and I'm not talking about just the trolls, which he loves because they bring the hits to.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Jesse Gryphen is that he doesn't take himself so goddamn seriously the way that Phil does. He has very intelligent readers who also like to have a little fun. I've had many serious, respectful conversations with his readers of the years, so I don't agree with this NI or TMZ reference at all. I think that I am respectful and so I tend to get respectful engagement, but Phil gets back just what he gives out...negativity. And clearly Jesse has had enough.

HarpboyAK said...

Too bad those folks over there at IM can't stand anyone pointing out the truth about how Obama lied to all of us in order to win, so that he could protect his Wall Street buddies, the banksters that screwed so many of us our of out retirement funds.

Keep at 'em Phil. Keep on pointing out Obama's war crimes, continued support of illegal and unconstitutional torture, and protection of the criminals that ripped us all off.

Those IM folks are probably the same ones that jump all over those of us posting at Daily Kos anytime we criticize any of Obama's failures, equating any criticism with racism because they worship him blindly.

Not the change I voted for! I WANT MY PARTY BACK.

Philip Munger said...

Thanks, HbAK. Means a lot from you, my longtime friend.

baja said...

I've been a reader of your blog from nearly its inception, Phil. Thanks for the education. Of all the progressive Alaska blogs, yours is the only one of have consistently returned to.

I want to have hope for Obama, but the reality is many of his actions have shown his support for the status quo on many levels as your blog has effectively shown. As real progressives we should not delude ourselves into believing "our team" is better than "their team" considering how both parties need to bow to corporate power to attain and remain in office. It is entirely possible that the person we thought we elected president was not really that person, or is no longer that person. The "Obama's giant chess game" analogy is starting to wear pretty thin too when innocent people are killed. This is coming from someone who volunteered for his campaign going door to door in Wasilla, where at times I was concerned for my safety.

If progressives want to leave a world more concerned with the values of social justice for our children, we shouldn't turn a blind eye to what is happening under the Obama administration because "our team" is winning.
Afterall, veiled corruption is not much better than blatant corruption.

Keep up the great work Phil. I don't have time for the fluff on other blogs, but I am told there are huge sales on penis enlarger kits this holiday season. ;)