Friday, December 23, 2011

California Roadside Rest Area Rattlesnake Sign

 The above sign was all over the place at an I-5 rest area north of Bakersfield.

Below - Judy and Julia yesterday afternoon, enjoying a sunny afternoon in Healdsburg, where it was 65 degrees.


Anonymous said...

The rattlesnake sign reminds me of fall 1990 when I was moving from the east coast to Alaska. We were driving, and we were on a very tight timeline requiring us to drive the 5500 miles in only 7 days. We stopped at a rest stop in one of the Dakotas or Montana, can't remember now, but we were so tired that we needed to take our sleeping bags and just sleep on the pavement beside our jeep and get some real rest. We saw one of these signs right by the bathrooms but we were so tired that we wanted to hunker down for some real rest and we didn't worry a moment about the rattlers! I must say that the lack of venomous snakes is a big plus here in Alaska. Rock hopping at Hatcher and other mountainous places is much more pleasurable without the fear of a rattler surprising you from behind a boulder. Same with river running and water play; I don't miss the cottonmouths and copperheads at all. Not that I don't like snakes, I just prefer not to have to deal with the ones that can maim or kill me and my dogs!

Julia and Judy are so lovely! I must say that your daughter does look a bit like her dad. You can tell that she lives in a warmer climate, wearing that down vest at 65! I'd be in a tank top in those temps! Continue to enjoy your holiday.


Anonymous said...

about 20 years ago up in Laytonville, CA came upon a baby rattler snoozing on the road in the sun. Quietly walked by.
Healsburg is not too far from Laytonville.

Anonymous said...

Wife's first trip outside: spied roadkill rattler in S. Oregon; stopped, took pictures, got amazed looks from
locals. Ever see similar scenes in Ak with wildlife?