Saturday, December 3, 2011

Most Powerful Ron Paul Video Yet - Eat This, Obama!

hat tip - Steve


Anonymous said...

I agree with R. Paul on this issue, but I disagree with him more in other areas. Still voting for Obama.

Jacob Dugan-Brause said...
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Anonymous said...

The Pres. is meaningless. The military industrial complex has jobs in every congressional district to guarantee that votes on military spending remains constant.
we will change our economy only when we run out of money to pay for this very wasteful situation.
Good News, that time is near!

hedgewytch said...

Ron Paul?! Ron Paul?! What are you delusional? If you just skim the surface, he looks rational, but then you start to dig down and the conservative, religious right wing nuttiness floats right to the surface.

Ron Paul?! Jeesh!

Philip Munger said...

I'm not in awe of Ron Paul. I'm quite impressed with this political ad, though.

Ron Paul is anti-choice. The last time I voted for an anti-choice candidate was before Roe v. Wade.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a racist.
O/T -

annettej said...

Wow . . . . are you really touting ANYTHING a racist would do? A little knowledge will get you everywhere.

Philip Munger said...

"Wow . . . . are you really touting ANYTHING a racist would do?"

--- what does that have to do with the accuracy of the material in the political ad, annettej?

If these fucking obscene wars in the Middle East aren't racist, what is? Part of the reason the far right despised Bill Clinton so much, was that he had the audacity to bomb WHITE people - Serbs.

We've been bombing brown people for so long, perhaps you've ceased to have the ability to recognize that.

Anonymous said...

"Eat This Obama!"

I was wondering, Which Obama should I eat?

CannedAm said...

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Anonymous said...

That is really, really good! Thanks ET..

it's me... shekissesfrogs

Anonymous said...

Here is Ron Paul's response to racist charges.