Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Palestinian Flag Raised at the UN


Anonymous said...

So, you see Phil, you really aren't relevant, as your buddy Sarah is also finding out. Guess you'll be off her payroll soon, huh? I suspect she's in a rant that you fucked up so you can't be the agent for her back door attacks on President Obama.

Gryphen made you relevant by having you on the blogroll and now that he's come to his senses and removed you, there is virtually NO TRAFFIC to your site. It would be a good thing if you learned something from this, like how negativity and attacks are not appealing to most healthy people, and all you have done is toxify the conversation.

But you won't learn anything because you believe you have nothing to learn and that you have all the answers. Well, you are coming to find out that you are irrelevant and pretty much defunct.

And I for one am getting a huge kick out if.

Anonymous said...

Many of us still visit but just choose to not leave comments, especially hateful, childish comments that are irrelevant to this particular post.

This blog never has the amount of comments as IM, mainly because this blog doesn't troll for comments by posting Palin tabloid stories. If you've never noticed, none of the non-Palin stories over there are heavily commented upon.

That being said, it's nice that YOU are obviously still a reader. This site must offer something for you. I can't believe you could find it since it is no longer linked on IM; you don't strike me as the kind of person with the intelligence necessary to use the google.

Now, regarding this post, I'm happy to see the Palestinians given some validity!


Philip Munger said...

Thanks, L3.

Back to reading student essays, grading papers and creating new art.

Anonymous said...

Of course a joke like the U.N. would raise a flag from a mythical place such as "Palestine" for a mythical people the "Palestinians".
Who would be surprised? No one....

Anonymous said...

You are a teacher? I hope you keep your politics out of the classroom.

As for the "Pals", Gingrich is right.