Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Is Scott McAdams? - Introducing Scott

Wednesday evening, with the backdrop of a luscious late summer Alaska sunset over Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Democratic Party U.S. Senate candidate, Sitka Mayor, Scott McAdams, addressed the post-primary Alaska Democrats Unity Dinner. The dinner is designed to bring candidates back together after the sometimes hard-fought battles of internal politics. And to raise campaign money.

Scott was the event's last speaker. He knew that national attention has turned somewhat to this race, as Tea Party Express know-nothing Jim Miller seems to be beating incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Steve Aufrecht, blogger at What Do I Know? made a video of Scott's speech. He has cut out some of the raucous applause.

Introducing Scott McAdams. He's REAL, folks:

You can donate to Scott McAdams here.

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Anonymous said...

Phil, you and I were about the only ones I know of who wanted the Dems to cross over and vote for Joe Miller and the rest of the crazies. All of the Dems that I know who crossed over, voted for Lisa because they didn't want any possibility of Joe Miller getting into the Senate. Because of that, I believe that the Republicans have only themselves to blame for this. They are eating their own.

I too, am starting to "love Joe Miller in a weird way".

But I am loving Scott McAdams even more! I think this guy CAN ACTUALLY DO IT! bt