Sunday, August 22, 2010

Questions on the Dropping of Child Sex Charges Against Bill Allen

If Bill Allen were Alaska Native or African-American or Arab-American and Paula Roberds a fifteen-year-old blonde from a prominent Anchorage family, how differently would the case against Allen be proceeding at this time?

I venture to say that the case would not have been dropped by the U.S. Justice Department. Not only that, but had Allen been a person of color, and his victims white, the whole way the case has been handled since his name surfaced in the investigation of Josef Beohm for child sexual abuse would have gone down a different set of routes.

Although the Federal government has dropped their case, Allen violated a number of Anchorage and Alaska statutes. Were Roberds white, rather than Yupik, and Allen black, tea party wannabees would be all over this by now.

Gov. Sean Parnell would be announcing the creation of a team to prosecute Allen very publicly.

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan would be coming home early from a vacation to announce that Anchorage should take the lead in the prosecution, not the state.

At least Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has issued a statement on the DOJ decision:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is questioning the Justice Department's decision not to pursue charges against former Veco Corp. Chairman Bill Allen in a child sexual abuse investigation.

In a letter written Saturday to Attorney General Eric Holder, Murkowski says she was "shocked and dismayed" to read about the decision. The letter asks Holder to find out why prosecution was declined and to report those findings to the senator's staff.

Sen. Murkowski's entire letter is worth reading (PDF).

Sen. Mark Begich, who was Anchorage Mayor at the time these sex crimes were committed hasn't made a peep on this yet. And the Anchorage Daily News, despite one of Richard Mauer's best investigative articles in months being the reference work on this case, has neglected to take up this issue in an editorial.

This is such a racist state.

Thanks, Lisa!

image - Paula at age 15


Anonymous said...

This was a shameful decision by the Department of Justice, and it will be unconscionable if the matter isn't picked up by someone in the state criminal division. I'm sickened by the fact that there are commenters in the Daily News blaming the victims. No 15-year-old girl is going to be prostituting herself unless she was already victimized as a child. There are no excuses for Bill Allen's behavior.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding, Phil! Glad you are bringing up this issue! AK leads the nation in our rates of child sexual abuse and exploitation. This case has PROOF which is EXTREMELY rare to have in these types of cases. And they won't prosecute him? It is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

That &@#%> Bill Allen can go &?#% himself with a rosebush, then you can drg him across a graded frozen lake naked.

AKjah said...

Phil Phil Phil. Laws are meant only for the masses. For some things just go away. If immunity was a deal they should just say so.

Philip Munger said...


There has been no information published that indicates that either the MOA or State gave Bill Allen any immunity from anything. Murkowski is asking for more info from the US DOJ.

I'm observing that Dan Sullivan and Sean Parnell and Dan Fagan and the teabaggers would be on this like flies on honey were Allen black and Roberds white.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are right Phil and it makes me sick to my stomach.
I'm usually aggravated with Sen Murkowski these days but her letter was sensible and direct.
I hope it rattles some information loose...
We've not come very far in the 60 years since my grandmother was sexually assaulted by a white man. a widow with 11 children in her 40s, and police declined to prosecute as she was Native...
Except this time it's the fed...

1smartcanerican said...

This story is sad on so many levels. Good for Sen. Murkowski for sending her letter. I hope something comes of this. It is time, past time, for this young lady to be vindicated and for Allen to be behind bars for oh so many transgressions.

Anonymous said...

and this guy was one of Uncle Ted's closest friends?????

Philip Munger said...

This guy was one of Ted's closest friends.

And a lot of other Alaska politicians. Apparently he's still Sean Parnell's, Dan Sullivan's and Mark Beigich's BFF too.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill rolled on yet another entry (or entries) in his little black book... he might be a hick, but he kept track of what he had on EVERYBODY. Sadly, probably the only guy that knows EVERYTHING.

Corruption hasn't stopped just because no one talks about it in Alaska anymore. In my opinion it's much worse because Teflon Ted made them all believe they are untouchable.

I'd like to see some prosecutions with teeth, none of the whimpy "got a good deal on remodeling your house" stuff.

I want the big stuff prosecuted, the RACKETEERING that goes on, the EMBEZZLEMENT, the FRAUD.

I'd even argue that perhaps Bill's involvement in the underage girls and drugs thing may have been part of a larger plan to blackmail certain folks... you know, give them a night to remember and take pictures? I think Bill took very detailed notes, and kept them.

Just sayin.

Philip Munger said...

"I'd even argue that perhaps Bill's involvement in the underage girls and drugs thing may have been part of a larger plan to blackmail certain folks... you know, give them a night to remember and take pictures? I think Bill took very detailed notes, and kept them."

Back in July 1981, just two months before he and his wife Darcy were murdered in Anchorage, Ron Cole detailed how this is done in that town, as he wrote out another $10,000 check to a judge.

Celia Harrison said...

Did Bill Allen know something they did not want revealed? I felt that was a strong possibility with the Ted Stevens case as well. Since they were such buddies it may even be the same information. There have been rumours for many years that there is a group of pedophiles at the highest levels of government who have private parties and protect each other. Some of the kids have come forward. Not only is this a racist state, it has a two tier justice system, just look at the court section in the Nome Nugget, one violation of probation of natives after another. They also prosecute people who threaten those in power, I found that out the hard way. If they can't find something they will lie, demonize, and threaten.

Anonymous said...

"Back in July 1981, just two months before he and his wife Darcy were murdered in Anchorage, Ron Cole detailed how this is done in that town, as he wrote out another $10,000 check to a judge."

Who was Ron Cole?

Anonymous said...

"Who was Ron Cole?" "The Raven",A murdered Hillside drug dealer. A bear attack victim, and I doubt he wrote checks to judges. That just does not make any sense. So I call B.S. on that story.

Philip Munger said...

anona & 10:58,

you're probably right. it was a long time ago. most likely it was cash

KaJo said...

Based on this and previous inaction on the AK state level (rather than Fed, maybe where it should be), you can guess how far Andree McLeod's latest public call to the State Legislature to investigate the Parnell-Palin administration will go.


Anonymous said...

Bill Allen got off easy

Bill Allen' son and family got off entirely, even though they committed hundreds of crimes,

The Feds withheld evidence from Vic Kohring

The Feds withheld evidence from Ted Stevens

But the feds got Begich in and passed health care by one vote.

The Democracrat powers that be think they got a good deal.

Alaska got fucked and there is is nothing we can do.

Schummer raped Alaska and Mark B helped him.

Anonymous said...

I thought girls at the age of 15 were grown up. Don't you lefties believe they can decide on an abortion all by themselves, with the help of your special interest groups of course. Odd how your little minds work!
And how about the gals from "The View" claiming that girl abused by the freak film maker wasn't really raped. It wasn't rape, rape...that Mr. Polanski did it was something else.
Ahhhh, the progressives are as big of hypocrites as those they claim to be the same.
Allen is a pig, Polanski is a pig, you are all pigs. My apology to pigs, you don't deserve to be in the same classification as those commenting on here, the blogger, Polanski and Allen.
Oh, wait! The girl Polanski abused was white so that is alright? Isn't your daughter white Phil?